Mob violence

IMPHAL, May 19: Taking into account the rising cases of mob violence in the State, Manipur Peoples' Democratic Front (MPDF) is planning to launch a poster campaign against mob violence on May 26.
Speaking to media persons at Manipur Press Club today, MPDF secretary Sapam Shamungou said that the alarming rise in such incidents is due to the failure of the authorities to ensure good governance in the State and added that  if the trend is not stopped, it will only worsen with time.
He continued that the practice of mob justice began some 30 years back due to lack of good administration and during those times, irate people began protesting and burning down houses belonging to criminals or accused individuals before any type of trial was conducted by a Court.
Shamungou further said that if the practice of mob justice continues in Manipur, then the State will only fall backward.
On May 26, MPDF will launch a poster campaign to spread awareness about the evils of mob justice and to show that it is totally against the laws of the land.