Naga Spice & Herbs, Senapati exports local spices and herbs outside India

Our Correspondent
Senapati, May 19: The Naga Spice & Herbs, Senapati, an organic food processiong unit, established in 2016 by Th Longsaola as proprietor is situated at Poumai Colony, Taphou, Senapati, just one and half km away from the district headquarters.
Soumyadipta Roy, advisor and exporter of the product said that the industry was established with the intention of exploring locally found spices and herbal products, which are in demand from different countries, for export that could give employment to the farmers and earn money as well.
The Adviser and exporter also stated that they have been exporting the products to the US, UK and Australia such as King Chilli, large cardamom adding that the management is seeking assistance from the Horticulture dept under Mission Organic Value Chain Development, North East Region (MOVCD, NER), Ministry of Agriculture, New Delhi, for promoting the unit.
King Chilli, good quality Ginger and Turmeric are the main products of the unit.
Mentioned may be made that the unit reportedly started with 2 drying machines, a small pulverising machine that produces the required products and 22 people work on daily basis. The unit is trying to expand in near future.