Training cum awareness programme held

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, May 20 : A one day training cum awareness programme on "Identification, symptomology and management of Fall Armyworm (FAW) on Maize in Manipur" was held at Central Agricultural University auditorium in Iroisemba  today.
The training programme was organised by All India Coordinated Research Project on Maize, Directorate of Research, Central Agricultural University, Imphal under the sponsorship of ICAR-Indian Institute of Maize Research, Ludhiana.
Speaking as chief guest of the programme, Vice Chancellor, CAU Imphal Professor Moirangthem Premjit said department concerned including ICAR, CAU along with the State Government are taking up prompt actions and conducting threadbare deliberation on how to fight Fall Armyworm and its rapid impact on standing crops and plants.
Maintaining that Mizoram and Manipur have been most affected by Fall Armyworm in the North East region, he indicated that the drastic change in climate is a possible factor leading to the situation while adding that the change in the climate has further led to decreased rainfall and increased temperature.
Citing examples of destruction caused by the pest, he stated that Fall Armyworm which came from South America has left a trail of destruction to standing crops and plants and added that the pest is considered one of the devastating pests in Africa as well.
Later, the pest was found in Karnataka on May 18, last year.
The VC stressed on the need to conduct a proper study to find out if the pest is the one which was earlier present in Karnataka or a trans boundary pest which was passing from neighbouring States or countries.
He said there is a need to run necessary tests so as to check if the pest has the same biotype with the Fall Armyworm.
He further stated that the university is conducting necessary test at two locations and visiting the farmers field as well. He added that, according to the data collected within the past 48 hours, the pest has not yet caused any damage on rice crops.The VC went on to state that Fall Armyworm management strategy can be carried out in three steps inclduing immediate strategy which manages the pest with the use of immediate pesticides like Emamectin Benzoate, Bawaria Bassiana.
Urging the public of the State not to panic, the State Government, CAU, ICAR, ATMA, KVK and department concerned are on war footing to solve the problem at hand.
CAU Imphal Registrar Dr K Momocha, Director of Instruction CAU Imphal Dr S Basanta, Director of Extension on Education CAU Imphal Dr Ratan Kumar Saha, Director of Research CAU Imphal Dr CA Srinivasamurthy and Dean College of Agriculture CAU Imphal Dr AN Ganeshmurthy attended the programme as guests of honour.
Pesticides and sprayers were distributed to the farmers as part of the function.