SUK expresses concern over pathetic condition of Govt schools Union asks Government to improve said schools instead of advertising already well developed schools


By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, May 20 : Claiming that Shyamsakhi High School (Moirangkhom) has been turned into a garbage dump due to lack of proper fencing, a hotel has been established inside the property of Dhameshwori Primary School (Konung Mamang) with the classrooms being used for keeping sugarcane juicer and Ramji Junior High School is now in a deplorable condition, Students Union of Kangleipak (SUK) has demanded the State Government to look into the pathetic condition of the said schools at the earliest or else face agitation and protest from the student body.
SUK members and media persons went on an inspection trip to the said three schools today and came across the pathetic conditions of the schools.
During the visit at Shayamsakhi High School, the inspection team found that due to lack of proper fencing of the school, the locals were dumping garbage just adjacent to the school which led to immense inconveniences for the students of the school.
Speaking to the team, the school Headmaster in-charge said that the school has a total of seven regular teachers and five utilised teachers.
There are two students in Class VI, two in Class VII, three in Class VIII, nine in Class XI and nine in Class X, bringing the total to 29 students. School hours normally begins from 10.30 am and ends at 2.30 pm. Even though the school has repeatedly appealed to the Government to send a Meitei Mayek teacher, no positive response has been received till date and the school is currently filled with various shortages, the Headmaster added.
The Headmaster further alleged that even though the school authority has sent letters and appeals to the IMC as well as the YC and YPO club of the locality regarding the garbage dump, no actions have been taken up till date.
On the other hand, during the inspection to Dhameshwori Primary School at Konung Mamang, its Headmaster Haobijam Kebisana said that a total of 36 students are in the school which also has six regular teachers and five utilised teachers.
The Headmaster continued that a hotel had been operating inside the school campus as per a lease and the school used to get the money and but now the lease term has expired and the school had even written to the Government to remove the  hotel from inside the complex but to no avail.
Not only this, but a sugarcane juicer is also being stored inside a classroom of the school and appeals to remove the machine have fallen to deaf ears, the Headmaster added.
The inspection team then visited Ramji Junior High School located near Ningthem Pukhri Mapal and on interaction with a lady teacher of the school, it was learnt that the Headmaster was one Irengbam Indrajit and he had went out to Joint office.
The school has a total of 30 students and five teachers, three regulars and two non regulars), the lady teacher said adding that as most of the students are from Muslim community, they are mostly absent due to ceremonial reasons. She also pointed out that some of the classrooms of the school were being used for storing items and things of the local clubs.
Speaking to the media persons, SUK president Dhanakumar Ningthouja lamented that most of the Govt schools even inside Imphal are in very deplorable condition and SUK had launched the visit with the aim of bringing much needed change. Stressing on the importance of bringing all round development of all the Government schools, he urged the Government to refrain from advertising only those schools which are all ready well grounded and have good students.
Instead, it will be better if the Government give more emphasis to the schools which are riddled with problems and shortages, he said cautioning that if the Government fails to heed the appeals of SUK, the student body will take up various forms of agitation in an attempt to bring positive change in the education sector.