World Honey Bee Day observed

IMPHAL, May 20: Integrated Beekeeping Development Centre, under Directorate of Extension Education CAU, organised World Honey Bee Day at CAU campus at Iroishemba today.
CAU VC Professor M Premjit, Extension Education Director Dr Ratan Kumar Saha, Director of Research Dr CA Srinivasamurthy, Dean College of Agriculture Dr N Ganeshmurty and Entymology Head Prof MK Gupta attended the event as dignitaries.
Speaking at the event, CAU VC Prof M Premjit said that deforestation, pollution and reckless use of pesticides and other chemicals have resulted in immense impact to the pollination pattern and today's event has been organised with the important role played by bees when it comes to pollination.
An Integrated Bee Keeping Centre (IBKC) has been established inside CAU campus which usually deals with imparting training to farmers, processing honey and supplying bee hives to the farmers. A laboratory for researching the diseases afflicting bees, is also present in the centre, he added.
The CAU VC urged the farmers to bring un-processed honey to the centre so as to make them more presentable and popular in the  market.
He also urged the people to venture into the field of bee rearing as a mode of income generation.