Crops infested by Fall Armyworms at Senapati, reports DAO


Our Correspondent
Senapati, May 20: Crops at Senapati district are also infested with Fall Armyworms, said a report released by District Agriculture Officer (DAO).
N Ashuli Mao, DAO, Senapati stated that the dept has formed 8 groups to inspect and contain the worms including Kangpokpi district.
As per record maintained in the office, the department had reportedly visited various places of Senapati district and Kangpokpi district and found crops infested with Fall Army Worms at Motbung, Charhajare, Sangpikjang, Katomei, Liyai Kalapahar, Kharkhola, Tomnoupokpi, T Thangal, Ekou Mulam, Chawangkining, Upper Kalapahar, Makoili, Lower Thanumba, Mayangkhang Khunou, Dwarika Nepali, Toribari, Khunkhu Naga, Kalapahar Lower, Taphou Naga, Taphou Nepali, Rikhumai Taphou, Saklim Katomei, Mara Khunou Nepali, Namjang, Kharkhola, Khongbal Kuki, Lungphou Nepali, Lungphou Raibasti, Chandramani, Gopibung Nepali, Waithon Chiru, Saman, Gurung Khati, Nepali Bosti Taphou, Ekou, Thangal Surung, Makhrelui, Khabung Karong.
They reportedly sprayed pesticides in all these places which is approximately 241.17 ha in total.