TMC ward member welfare association decries

Thoubal, May 20
Thoubal Municipal Council Ward Member Welfare Association alleged  that the power hungry Councillors of Thoubal Municipal Council (TMC) are busy fighting to hold on the leadership position rather than working for the development of 18 Ward that come under the Council, said a press release issued by TMC Ward Member Welfare Association.
The association expressed concern that TMC, Thoubal which was honoured for making Thoubal as the cleanest city in North East India under Swach Bharat Mission (U) (SBM(U)) by GoI, is sliding downwards due to the personal selfish ambition of the Councillors who are now indulging in shifting sides to form different groups totally disregarding the development programme of each ward, added the statement.
In their struggle for power, crucial meeting like Council Board Meeting to take key developmental decisions has not been held for quite a long time, it added.
Besides, the TMC, Thoubal was not able to implement the 7 vehicles released by Director MAHUD to collect garbages from each ward of the council under SBM (U), lamented the ward member.
It also said that Director MAHUD approved to build 3,876 Individual House Hold Latrine (IHHL) on May 14, 2019 under SBM (U) as part of Open Defaecation Free (ODF) programme and instructed to complete the construction by May 25, 2019, but it may get cancelled if the Council Board Meeting is not convene to take decision.
The Ward Member Welfare Association urged the Councillors to set aside their differences and come together to resolve the leadership crisis so that the beneficiaries of IHHL can get their toilets and all the development work, including the collection of garbages, can take place in the area at the earliest in the interest of the public.