Gaikhangam scoffs at exit poll projections


By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, May 21: Manipur Congress Committee president Gaikhangam has opined that the projected figure of the exit poll following the 17th Lok Sabha election which show that BJP will romp home is absurd and unbelievable.
He also expressed confidence that in Manipur, Congress will win the Inner seat.
He made the statement to media persons, after taking part in the observation of the 28th death anniversary of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and Anti-Terrorism Day at Manipur Pradesh which was held at Congress Bhavan today.
He continued that the projected exit poll figure which was published in many electronic and print media in the country, is the exact opposite of the expectation of the people and the figure is simply unbelievable.
But it can be called freedom of expression, he added.
Claiming that the people are questioning the credibility of the figure, Gaikhangam said that a similar case was also seen in 2004 when late Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the Prime Minister and back then, the exit poll figure projected a big win for the BJP.
Gaikhangam then alleged that  the present Government is a fearsome one, unlike all other previous Government and the people are even afraid to make any statement against the Government and added that back in 1999, the present Vice President Venkaiah Naidu  had even stated that the exit poll figures cannot be trusted 100 percent.
He further said that the projected figure will be scoffed at by not only the Congress, but the other political parties and the people as well.
Gaikhangam also said that when it comes to Manipur, he cannot help but wonder if the figure has been projected so as to impact the perception of the people.
On the other hand, the MPCC president also lamented that the party cannot help but suspect foul play as the strongroom where EVMs are kept, was opened without any prior knowledge and even the Commission failed to take up anything regarding the incident.
Gaikhangam continued that he believes Congress will win the election and the BJP will be content with racing against the clock.
He further said that CPI might come a close 3rd or 4th and added that he believes Congress will beat BJP at Thoubal, Wangkhem, Lilong, Wangkhei and other Kendras.
When it comes to the Outer seat, Gaikhangam said that all the youth and people from Kuki community seem to have given their votes to the BJP candidate.
Only the Congress party seemed to have refrained from any unethical means like booth capture, he remarked adding that Congress contested the Outer seat honestly and sincerely.