Hyundai 'Venue' launched


By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, May 22: With the launch of 'India's first fully connected SUV' - "Venue", Punya Hyundai Imphal too unveiled the SUV today. Designed to offer solid road presence, refreshing driving experience and seamless connectivity with Hyundai Blue link, Venue's prices starts from Rs 6,61,610 including GST.
With 33 new connected features, Venue has Kappa 1.0 Turbo GDi Petrol, 1.2 Petrol and 1.4 Diesel variant.
Punya Hyundai, Nagaram general manager RK Premkumar and SBI Secretariat Branch Chief Manager Khumukcham Okendro Singh launched the SUV-Venue today.
The core philosophy of Venue stands for the 3rd space which is trendy, unique, stylish and is a true representation of Hyundai's newest connected SUV. Hyundai Venue aims to create ease of life for the customers by being their connected friend on the go, said the company representatives.