International Biodiversity Day

IMPHAL, May 22
As many all over the world observed International Day of Biological Diversity, Manipur Pradesh  BJP vice president  M Asnikumar Singh urged all to be conscious of the changing climate and degrading biodiversity that have serious impact on human and the many species on earth.
The BJP State vice president in a statement today said: "In December 2000, the United Nation adopted 22nd of May as International Day for Biological Diversity. This day is often overlooked and it is understandable as people are busy trying to outdo each other in this age of rapid development and growth... But growth at what cost? The current trend and trajectory of developmental practices will have serious consequences on bio-diversity at global scale."
"Our State is blessed with numerous bio resources," he said and emphasised the need for sustainable use of the resources to ensure better reliance and reduce economic dependence on others.
Environmentally ethical and sustainable techniques of utilising these bio resources should always be "our top priority" he said.
The day was observed across the State. Discover manipur, ABC and Naharup P/S observed the day at Naharup primary School.
Dr L Bijen Meitei, Coordinator, development Officer, Directorate of Environment, W Sunita Devi, Headmistress Naharup Primary School and Th (O)  Landhoni Devi Member Naharup Gram Panchayat attended the event.