Naga Hoho decries

IMPHAL, May 23: The Naga Hoho has expressed shock at the news of indiscriminate and unprovoked military operations being carried out in the Naga areas of Myanmar by the military junta, and an even deeper concern upon the fact that the ongoing operations are being conducted in coordination with Indian security forces.
A press release issued by the communication cell of Naga Hoho mentioned that while attempts are going on in both Myanmar and India for a proper settlement for the Nagas, both Governments have time and again exhibited actions not befitting their official policy and assurances.
It reminded the Myanmar Government that the Nagas in the Naga self administered zone have been subjected to untold suffering due to the discriminatory policies of the State as the Myanmar Government, at the behest of the military, has imposed unwarranted and arbitrary sanctions, fund cuts and disruption of  essential supplies and strongly condemned such acts of the Myanmar Government against the Nagas.
It urged the military forces of both India and Myanmar to immediately cease the ongoing military action against the Nagas and added that it has been proven time and again that the Naga issue cannot be tackled through military strength as it is a political issue.
Such unbridled and indiscriminate military action has the potential to result in a widespread Naga uprising, it cautioned , adding that the Nagas, irrespective of factions or border, will not remain mute spectators.
The Naga Hoho also urged the UN and the Democratic Front of Myanmar to condemn this inhuman arm conflict and ensure that peace is returned.
On the other hand, the Naga Hoho vehemently condemned the gruesome assassination of Arunachal legislator Tirong Aboh, his son and nine others by unknown miscreants on May 21 in Bogapani, Tirap district.
It conveyed that Arunachal Pradesh was one of the peaceful States of the NE region for the past many years and added that at a time when negotiations with the Central Government is nearing a concluding phase, violence and bloodshed will only bring an unmanageable proposition.
It continued that it is perplexing as many are throwing suspicion here and there but the security forces are unable to nab the culprits till now, which speaks volumes of a possible sinister design.
Appealing the authority concerned to investigate the matter thoroughly and book the culprits at the earliest, the association also conveyed its condolence to the bereaved family members.
It also appealed to all the section of communities in Arunachal Pradesh to refrain from creating any rumour or hatred among the fellow citizens.