There is no third option between true and false

L Luingam
There was a time, so long gone by, when Smt. Indira Gandhi was unseated from the chair of Prime Ministership by the Allahabad high court on the grounds that, she had used Yashpal Kapoor, officer on special duty in the Prime Minister’s Secretariat to further her election prospects and that she had also obtained the assistance of Uttar Pradesh government officials to build rostrums from which she addressed election rallies, officers had also arranged for loud speakers and electricity. It was almost like unseating the Prime Minister for a traffic offence. But there was no third option, the law was law. Thereafter, Shri Morarji Desai became the Prime minister of India on 24th April 1977 and instantlyShriYangmasoShaiza was made the Chief Minister of Manipur. I was one of the youngest followers of YangmasoShaizaat the age of 24 years and went through many ordeals in association with Shaiza families.
If I am not wrong, the 17th Lok Sabha election can be assumed as the most complicated, decisive and odious election that free India had ever held.Because it was a battle fought with full of abusing and insulting words; purveyors of false propaganda were in plenty throughout the country; faking and fudging reigned supreme everywhere; hurled criticisms and accusations with one another not because of what the other did wrong but because of what the other is; stole the hearts of millions of unwary and innocent voters by giving wrong pictures about the opponents and orchestrated schemes and creams against the government. If justice is really and truly the foundation of a nation, the imperative need of the day for India is to go for aversion therapy to bring about change and transformation for a better India tomorrow.
The future can be safe and sound if we try to actively atone for our past mistakes. Correcting oneself is correcting the society.
Let me quote here the word of JidduKarishmanum who said thus – what you are, the world is and without your transformation there can be no transformation of the world. Georg Feuenstein had also said, Renaissance must begin in the chamber of our hearts. We cannot wait for society to change or our institutions and organizations to be renewed.
We must, as individuals assume responsibility for our own personal transformation. Therefore, the mostradical pervasive transformation will occur if everybody involves to mature, rational and responsible ego.
The world we live in is strewn with lies, deceptions, corruptions hatredand self- centeredspawned by the forces of evil and India is no exception to it. Everyone is looking for power, position, fame and wealth. It is true that every person has the need to accumulate things and needs to have the basic necessities of life and owning or acquiring riches is not wrong in itself but greed or covetousness is warned against.
It is common knowledge and experience that breaking out of the alabaster box of self gives meaning to life. Seeking one’s own interest and self-glory without any concern for other will hinder oneness. In all these attitudes self is at the centre. Self is the denial of truth and truth is the denial of self.
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