Lok Sabha elections: CPI's Dr M Nara and I got 'true' votes, says RK Somendro


By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, May 24 : Thanking all the voters who came out and exercised their rights to vote on April 11, Independent candidate of Inner Manipur Parliamentary Constituency, RK Somendro (Kaiku) expressed his happiness on getting 'love and support' of 80,566 people of the State, who have faith in him.
Speaking to media persons at Manipur Press Club today, Somendro said that the number of votes he and CPI candidate’s Dr Nara got without spending a rupee clearly indicate that there are still many people who value their democratic rights and want to witness major changes in the election trend prevailing in the State.
"The votes that Dr M Nara and I got are true votes," Somendro said.
"Since there are many people who are true to themselves and cannot be bought by money, positive changes are coming in the State, I believe," the actor turned politician said and added that he will contribute his share in making the changes possible.
"I am not disheartened at all by the election results as there are many people who have faith in me," Somendro said.
Saying that he was introduced to the public through cinema, which he consider as a part of his life, Somendro assured his fans that he will continue his career as an actor.
"The election was a big lesson for me as I have learnt many valuable lessons regarding election strategy," Somendro said and hinted that he will contest the next Lok Sabha elections.
In the Inner Parliamentary Constituency, BJP's RK Ranjan had emerged victorious.