State BJP credits Modi for massive victory

IMPHAL, May 25
M Asnikumar Singh, vice president of BJP Manipur Pradesh and publicity and propaganda in charge of the Lok Sabha elections in the State has conveyed that the historic mandate given to BJP and the NDA against all the odds shows how crucial this election was for the future of the country.
He mentioned that Narendra Modi is the man responsible for this decisive victory which will be remembered for a long time.
He opined that the victory of 2014 was special in many respects but this triumph is even sweeter be- cause of the barriers the party and its dedicated workers had to overcome this time.
No single party has been able to secure enough seats to claim the leader of Opposition’s post in the Lok Sabha for the second time. This is a crystal clear reflection of the fact that the people of India have rejected all the other parties. It also marks a paradigm shift in Indian politics and signals the end of caste, communal and dynasty based politics in the Indian soil, he added.
On the other hand, BJP president Amit Shah's meticulous planning and stra- tegy proved to be the architects of this win and this surely is the beginning of a new era of Indian politics, he said adding that the results also mark a paradigm shift in Northeastern politics.
This is not something which happened overnight. The seeds were sown the day the PM started his official electoral campaign from Imphal in 2014. The streng-thening of the DoNER (Development of North Eastern Region) Ministry after the BJP came to power in 2014 was one of the most significant steps in winning the trust of the North Eastern people.
In the North East, the party will always put emphasis on pragmatism because it clearly understands the diversity of the North Eastern region in all aspects. This has always been the case rather than what opposition parties always alleged, he claimed.
He continued that the role played by the party’s general secretary Ram Ma-dhav in laying the ground- work in the North Eastern States should never be underestimated.
His eagerness to understand the problems the party faced initially in reaching out to the voters’ minds in the North East is perhaps what inspired the party leaders and workers of the North East, the BJP State unit vice president added.
The dynamic political leader from the northeast and NEDA (Northeast Democratic Alliance) Convenor Himanta Biswa Sarma also played a vital role in organising and bringing together non-Congress parties in the region where the Congress party ruled for almost 5 decades in most of the States except Sikkim, Mizoram and Tripura.
The objectives of NEDA was to take along the North Eastern States in the path of development and ensuring that they were not neglected as they were in the past, Asnikumar said adding that this was in line with the PM’s unique vision that without the development of the North East, the country will not be developed.  He, on behalf of BJP Manipur Pradesh, thanked the people of the State for supporting the BJP candidates and for electing Dr RK Ranjan as their representative from the valley. He continued that Dr RK Ranjan is a very renowned academician and environmentalist who will work tirelessly for the people of the State.  BJP will continue to work tirelessly for the people of the North East and this will be reciprocated in the next elections when the party will win even more seats in the region, he said.
On the other hand, BJP Manipur State unit treasurer Robin Blackie has conveyed that the BJP was able to score a decisive win due to its emphasis on nationalism in contesting the election. Speaking to media persons at BJP State unit office at Canchipur today, Robin said that BJP has won again due to the trust of the people of the country and the desire for positive change. The people want development, not some false propaganda, he added. On the other hand, he lauded the people of Manipur for ensuring Dr RK Ranjan's win in the Inner Manipur PC and added that BJP became successful due to its emphasis on nationalism. He then lauded BJP Langthabal Mandal, District Committee, Booth Committee and party office bearers as well as Lok Jan Shakti Party for ensuring the party's win. BJP Langthabal Mandal president M Joykumar also lauded BJP workers of Langthabal AC for their unwavering support.
On the other hand, he clarified that the statement he made during a discussion programme after the election result was announced, was not targeted at any one or any community.