Schoolchildren in the Park

   K Radhakumar

When a light rain began to fall
The afternoon shone with happiness.
What a welcome change!
The schoolchildren couldn’t stop laughing.
They whistled, they jumped, they ran…
A thin blouse
Looking pale and sickly
(She looked like their headmistress
Who knew every student in the school)
Shouted from a corner in the park,
‘Don’t go out in the rain.
You’ll catch your death of cold.’

One VIP died yesterday.
May he rest in peace, they prayed
For they got a school holiday
As a mark of respect to the departed soul.
No rain
No thin blouse,
A headmistress look-alike
Nothing could dampen their spirits.

The rain poured down now.
They got out of the park,
The lot of worriers!
The schoolchildren played with a ball
In the rain of May.

I tried to make few concluding remarks,
‘In conclusion, I would like to …’, I began
But my wife cut in and said,
How can you come to an end?
Why, you have not said anything!
You have not said
Why the schoolchildren played with a ball
In the rain,
Why they were happy.’
I think I was lost in thought –
‘Life develops into a tragic story with age.
How I wish
The rainy afternoon could be rounded off
Could be rounded off
With a happy note
To last us the whole night ahead
And perhaps the next day.