A constellation of Five

Debina Sanasam

When life gives you lemon
And nothing works out
Sometimes gaze lingering tirelessly
Watching the passing horizon
Wishing for that time
When everything will be over
The flickering lights at the far end
Moving back and forth across the street
Talks about a never-ending journey
Mind seeking for a solace
A moment where you can rest
A light came like a miracle
At night when loneliness is deep
And no steps towards a closure
A silent voice reach out to me
Saying everything will be okay
One day it will all be over
And the fate you wish will be yours
Late at night when no man is awake
A soft ballad touches the forlorn heart
Keeping me company always
Under the beautiful night sky
A soothing voice far to be reckon
Reaches out to me profoundly
Watching a figure fades away silently
The tears falls to an endless agony
Mind says they are no friends
Heart argues they are no strangers
But friends or strangers, who cares
They were the lights