Turning point of My Life

Birkarnelzelzit Thiyam
Never thought my life will even come to a point where my world inside the four walls can be an issue in the state. Life has always had a different definition, but just days back life showed me how and where living life and survival starts. The war of voices, the war of perspectives, it tried burning up my flame, but no one could find the source of my flames to take it out as it was the ‘sun’ burning from inside.
All this time I have been trying to fit myself into the boxes that people see just to give them their best satisfactions thinking I will exactly meet their expectation. Ever did I never in my life I looked off for comma, henceforth life found me too quick, life slashed me for another option to slow down my hunger for fulfilment of my passion. I misunderstood that passion could grow from an asset inside the four walls to ring for all, this is the time when passion grows into purpose. When your work starts touching the life of others, your passion is not just circumscribed with self-discipline or self-responsibilities, you are bound to open your ears for others, you will start working in the service of others. Those who does not understand this gets killed by fame most of the time.
For sometimes in life, we messed up with the feeling of growth. Loosing something for getting something new seems growing at times and getting back exactly what we lost might sometimes be felt like growing too. May 4th, 2019, I left Toronto for Dubai, and again left Dubai on May 7thevening to reach Manipur the very afternoon of the next day. I have always been tight with the speeches every single day. Then, on 12th,May, I had my best time performing my Stand-Up Comedy Special. People who knew me from my YouTube world are everywhere I go, every move in the state was so much of loves from everyone.
Yes, I did talk with few girls at the same time online, but the fact is that all leaked was not true. At the night of 14thMay, something about me went viral, saying, “I blackmailed some girls.” This was something strong for the first time in my life, I could not find that funny, so I reported to the cyber-crime but for me to charge them for defamation the intensity of my charge had to reach the quantum but it wasn’t that strong to be considered by the Police, so they rejected.
15thMay, the very evening of this amazing day, a recorded phone call with the inclusive of my voice went viral over the WhatsApp, from being one of the most loved persons in the state to the most hated person, that questioned my past doings. “Do I have to pay this much for what I did?” this was all around me.
With high amount of insanity, the lady on the phone charged my parents for collecting money from people with high vulgar words. Then the next day, it was all over the Facebook. Calmness was not in my favour, I went to take help from Imphal-west Police Station for whatever to bring those responsibles and make a public apology. At this time, the meme makers start making few fake screenshots and audios viral just because it was relatable.
20thMay 2019, I got to meet the person in the recording at the police station (9:15 AM.) “Where and when did I blackmail girls? Where and when did my parents take the money?” she was numbed with “no-idea face.” “When did I had relationships with 40 girls at once? And why some friends of mine who came on the show (12th May) was projected as my girl-friend?” she still was not giving me the answer I want instead she said it all happened out of anger. So, I carried on with the question of public apology, but considering the opinion of the experts there in the office, and on moral ground, we completely understood the structure of the social media in Manipur.
What if everyone goes on her, making memes of her? Will she be able to handle all this social-stigmas? That would lead to nothing but prolonging the matter which could be closed with a round table tea-talk and closing apologies from both the families. Yes, I believed with time being the best healer, but it was never true for me, the hatred on me grew. I did make an apology once thinking acceptance was not in less options but, I was wrong.
Time heals but facing the problem at the right time makes the perfect healing with no deformities. To all my readers, you might be doing amazing works, you might have done wonders but just a single comma can take you to hell. But remember your purpose. Never let your failures define who you are. This life, you are living just once, never stop striving for what you love. I faced the biggest fear of not liking by people, now I am way stronger than I was. People will make so much noise, at times you will get confused but use your head to see the goal and your heart to believe in it and your hand to offer to the world.
 (The writer is a Motivational Orator, based in Canada. And can be reached at [email protected]; Facebook – Birkarnelzelzit – Young Thoughts; Twitter – Birkarnelzelzit, INSTAGRAM – Birkarnal, watch his WILL motivational videos by going to his YouTube channel @birkarnelzelzit thiyam.)