State Govt likely to undergo certain changes soon

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, May 26: With the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) poised to form a strong and stable Government at the Centre after scripting a historic victory in the just concluded 17th Lok Sabha election, the State Government led by Chief Minister N Biren may undergo certain changes shortly.
Many political analysts are of the opinion that the Biren Government would certainly live to its full term even though there are some dissents among the ruling MLAs as BJP-led NDA has further solidified its position after decimating all Opposition parties.
However, NPF which is a partner of the BJP-led coalition Government has already resolved to pull out of the coalition after they parted ways with BJP at the Centre.
At a meeting held at Kohima on May 18, the NPF resolved to pull out of the coalition Government and the party president was empowered to formally announce the same resolution at a right time.
At the same, NPP which is another partner of the BJP-led coalition, had publicly declared that they oppose the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) which is contradictory to BJP’s position. Moreover, NPP supported CPI candidate Dr M Nara in Inner Manipur PC.
Notably, Chief Minister N Biren went on record that there would be some changes in the State Government after the 17th Lok Sabha election.
One big question thrown up by NPP’s position on CAB 2015 is, whether the party should be thrown out of the coalition led by BJP.
NPP may or may not pull out of the coalition but NPP’s relationship with BJP will depend on the decision of party leaders.
With regard to NPF, it is noteworthy that protracted economic blockades on highways were lifted soon after the Biren-led Government was sworn in and how he was received with warmth and fanfare at several hill district headquarters.
Now, the NPF has been accusing the Biren Government of not giving due acknowledgment and respect to its four MLAs who claimed that they are key pillars of the coalition Government.
At present, BJP has 29 MLAs and this figure includes eight Congress MLAs who are supporting the coalition Government.
The same coalition Government is also supported by one independent MLA, one Trinamool Congress MLA and one LJP MLA, bringing the total number of MLAs to 32.
At the same time, political observers have been speculating that some more Congress MLAs may join the ranks of BJP given BJP’s domineering performance in the 17th Lok Sabha election.
However, one Congress MLA, on condition of anonymity, said that the disqualification petition filed at the Supreme Court against Congress MLA Th Shyamkumar who is nonetheless holding a Ministerial portfolios in the BJP-led coalition Government has   been making good progress.
So far, the apex Court has finished hearing petitioners and hearing of respondents would begin within the current month.
Saying that the Supreme Court is likely to announce its verdict by July at the latest, the Congress MLA exuded confidence that the Supreme Court would pass a verdict favouring disqualification of Shyamkumar for he had crossed the State Assembly’s floor.
If the apex Court passes a verdict favouring disqualification, similar petitions against the remaining defectors will garner more merit. Given this possible scenario, it is unlikely that more Congress MLAs would extend support to BJP, said the particular MLA. 
Nonetheless, he confided that more Congress MLAs may extend support to BJP if the Supreme Court’s verdict does not favour disqualification of Th Shyamkumar.