Meghalaya CSOs resolve to oppose CAB

Newmai News Network
TURA, May 26: The resounding victory of the BJP as well as comments of certain leaders from the party to pursue the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB), 2016 has raised alarm bells among organisations in Meghalaya.
The matter came up for discussion during the 9th Annual General Meeting of Achik Youth Welfare Organisation (AYWO) which was also attended by various organisations including GSU, FKJGP and ADE at Anogre Multi Facility Centre in West Garo Hills (WGH).
The 2-day meeting was held on May 24 and 25 and saw a swearing-in ceremony of new office bearers as well as leaders which was overseen by advocate Goldling Sangma from Tura. The office bearers of the organization promised to continue the fight against CAB going forward and even burnt the effigies of PM Narendra Modi, BJP party president, Amit Shah and Rajnath Singh.
Speaking at his first meeting as AYWO president, Sengbath Ch Marak asserted that since its inception, it had been fighting on one basic point: to safeguard the tribe from unabated intrusion, be it socially, economically and politically.
“Mixed marriage is a social intrusion, benami business by non-Garos is economic intrusion and participation of non-Garos in GHADC is political intrusion,” he said while warning that all would become history if they did not fight to secure their future.
“If we stand united, we will not be divided. If we are divided, our backyard will be invaded,” he stressed, urging all to remember the sacrifice of Togan Nengminza who sacrificed himself in defense against the British.
“If we fail to defend our rights today, our grand children will not be able to live freely in our Motherland tomorrow like we are doing today. Our land will be swamped by the outsiders,” he added.
Tengsak Momin, president of GSU, who was also part of the meeting, added, “The Government can take us to jail, but they cannot erase our love for our Motherland and it is our fundamental duty to protect our Land. It is high time we campaign aggressively and make sure that our demand is met.
“We are being threatened by illegal immigrants and we are fighting tirelessly for containing the menace. It is only due to these efforts and relentless agitations by 13 organisations of Meghalaya including AYWO that the Meghalaya Government is coming up with more than 20 Entry – Exit Points in Garo Hills itself,” said ADE president, Dalseng C Ch Momin.
Founding president, Adinson Momin, urged the NGO to live with integrity and abide by the rules set by them.
“AYWO is apolitical and stands for what is right,” underscored Momin.