The Promise of Life

Prem Rawat
Light is more powerful than darkness. A little bit of light can destroy a ton of darkness whereas a ton of darkness cannot removea little bit of light. Life isnot about fear. It’s about courage, understanding, and to move forward. To feel gratitude in the face of great adversity is the true passion for life.
The time to see the desert is when it rains. Mysteriously, the desert hold in it, the promise of life, of delicate tender flowers, but it needs the rain, without rain the rivers don’t flow. The water has come in the desert and carved the shape which a river holds.  And that dry river waits patiently for it to rain and once again the water flows through it. This is the promise that this life holds. Who are we? What are we? Are we the sum of all the things that happen around us, the sum of waking up in the morning and realizing all the responsibilities?  Or is there something more?  There is something inside every human being that wants to smile, that wants to be thankful, to feel gratitude, to feel joy.
Life is the most amazing gift and a thing that will ever happen to you. Despite all the things that are wrong in this world, despite allthe problems and the ugliness that is in this world, there are some things that are really good and beautiful. That beauty, that perfection, that right, is in YOU.  There are people who like to point out all the problems, but there are some people who point out the right, the beautiful because this existence that you have, this life that you have, despite all problems, it is very beautiful and wonderful. But we forget the importance of being alive. We are so caught up in our turmoil, ideas and concepts that we forget what we have been given.
Sometimes, what we actually want, we think that we need.  What is your need?  To breathe, to eat food, to be warm, to have water when thirsty as without these you will die. These are the needs. Peace is what we need.  Joy, happiness, clarity are the needs. There are times when sadness affects us, but at some point on time, we have to look at reality, and the reality is that the breath is coming into us. That has not changed over time. There are so many dramatic things that happen, but the sun never stops shining. Traumas will happen in our life because this is life. Storms will come as this is the ocean of life. There is no mechanism to get rid of the storms. But there is a mechanism to go around the storm, this is wisdom. 
Life is your friend. Do not be afraid of living. Age needs to be your friend, accept them and let them come.  Look inside of you and you will realize that you are just as young you ever were. That child is still in you, that did not die.Happiness is not simply smiling or laughing. Happiness is happiness when you feel good. And there is one person inthis world who can make you happy and that’s YOU yourself. We know a lot about others, the business, the colleagues etc, but you know very less about you.Understand yourself in this life before that last breath comes. Because that’s the moment when you will love your life the most.  Take a minute; take little time to understand that your life is incredibly important.  You are not a number, not just a name rather you are even more than the sum of all your goods and all your bads. What is yours?  Do you know? You, as this life pounds into you, this breath pounds into you.  Everytime it comes, it brings the gift of life. When you are conscious, this life holds promises after promises, gifts after gifts. Which gift have you accepted? If you are a stranger to yourself, then like many others, you came, you lived a while, and gone. These are the three facts: your birth, your life andyou have to go one day. There is no control over it. But between the two – birth and death, you can do something. You can know yourself, you can be fulfilled. Understand yourself because this is a desert and we want the rain of understanding, rain of happiness and peace to come in our life.
Prem Rawat, also known as Ambassador of Peace, has been speaking on Humanity and Peace since he was very young.  His message inspires people around the world towards a unique opportunity of self-discovery. For more information please visit the