Ensure conducive atmosphere : AB Mathur


Our Correspondent
KANGPOKPI, May 2 : The Interlocutor to the Indo-Kuki political talks involving Government of India, Government of Manipur and the two conglomerates of the Kuki UGs, United People’s Front (UPF) and Kuki National Organization (KNO) arrived at Kangpokpi district headquarters yesterday and held a series of meeting with the civil society organizations and the UPF leaders.
People of Kangpokpi including men and women, young and old and the student community despite welcomed AB Mathur, the Interlocutor formally at Gamgiphai, the entry point of Kangpokpi district from the State capital while the main reception ceremony was held at the district headquarters of Kangpokpi.
Delegates of United People’s Front (UPF) led by its president, ST Thangboi also greeted the Interlocutor with a traditional gong and wrapped traditional shawl over his shoulders before having a closed door meeting for about half an hour at ADC Sadar Hills.
Hundreds of students in the first row greeted the Interlocutor accompanied by the state Interlocutor Ibocha Singh with banners which read, “Expedite Kuki political solution”, “No political solution no rest.”
The Interlocutor was also welcomed with a traditional folksong.
Kuki chiefs donned in traditional attire with red blanket also greeted the Interlocutor at the entrance of the ADC Sadar Hills office apart from the Kuki Inpi, Kangpokpi district and various other civil society organizations.
Addressing the gathering, AB Mathur acknowledged the rousing welcoming and disclosed that he has a close relationship with Manipur and also have very fond memories while learning many things while he was posted in Churachandpur from 1978 till early 1983.
The Interlocutor said the progress of the peace talks is very satisfactory but added that “due to some events that took place here among the groups it has been delayed but I hope the issue will be resolved and the talks will resume very soon.”
He said that the Government of India and Government of Manipur are both very keen to find a solution to the problems and issues of the Kukis as early as possible and it can materialize when everybody maintain a conducive atmosphere.
“There are three parts of any talks such as the atmosphere for holding the talks, the talks itself and aftermath of the talks and now we are in the first two phase so we need conducive atmosphere here for holding the talks further”, asserted the Interlocutor.
While highlighting the important role of the civil society organization in the talks, the interlocutor said that the past 4/5 months atmosphere here had been vitiated which affected the talks and urged the civil society to ensure conducive atmosphere.
“Please make the atmosphere here positive and ensure all those participating in the talks are all together because their togetherness is very much important in the talks as even a minor deviation amongst them and creating problems among one another will badly affect the talks”, AB Mathur said.
The Indo-Kuki political talks Interlocutor while stressing on the talks said “I do not want anything very secretive but sometimes it’s best to hold discussions in close door as there can be many complications and issues.”
The All Manipur Kuki Chiefs’ Association, Kangpokpi Town Committee and the United Peoples’ Front also submitted separate memoranda to the Interlocutor while various tribes of the Kukis, the U-Nao Tribes also met the Interlocutor separately before the public interaction and discussion.
The Interlocutor also visited the designated camp of Kuki National Front, Peace Camp Ebenezer at Natheljang while heading towards Imphal after the public interaction and discussion at Kangpokpi.