A Dwarfish Whole

K Radhakumar
These days accurate information is given
By the weather forecast service
Of the Met office.
Not so in the past
And therefore, people died in their hundreds.
This is advance warning now
To the government and the people.
Food, shelter, medicine
Everything is planned
Down to the last detail
And precious lives are saved.
New developments in science and technology.
Yesterday I woke as dawn broke.
The calm of a summer dawn!
The fresh air brought life
To one and all.
What a good night!
Colour flooded my wife’s face
When she greeted me
With a broad smile.
The sun
Dressed in yellow
Danced with
The pinks and blues of the sky.
In the morning I know
We are in for a storm.
The storm breaks in no time.
Thanks to the Met office forecast.
What a fierce storm!
Strong winds and rain
Strong winds and rain
And they say it is 200km per hour.
Thunder crashes in the sky
My room is full of flashes of lightning.
My little daughter hides her face
Against my chest.
I am too frightened to ask
If the world will end like this one day.
Oh, I will call you Mother Nature!
Will the world end like this one day?