King - makers & king - savers

Free Thinker
Maharaj : Bizando, what is politicking at this juncture?
Bizando : Eigya , the situation is bad but under control .
Maharaj : what do you mean by under control ? it is learnt that the arithmetic is not in my favour.
Bizando : Hujur, arithmetic was never in your favour, even at the initial stage; but your chemistry was strong and we believe it is still strong.
Maharaj : Bizando , this time it is not only arithmetic and chemistry, I have inadvertently invoked physics now; the action is initiated so the reaction is inevitable .
Bizando : Yes Sir, Newtonji maintained that if one object exerts a force on another object, then the second object exerts equal and opposite reaction on the first; but Sir, you have enough power to withstand the reaction; Ramji ka kripa ,Patelji ka piyar, Sarmaji ka saaya etc etc.
Maharaj : You know I am dealing with subjects not with objects ; reaction from the subjects are very unpredictable; if the reactions are many and more powerful then our shook-absorbers may not work; we must plead and pray for a favourable mediation from the  highest-commands(twin).
Bizando : Sire, one silver-lining  is that the Centre is extremely busy for starting the business of the new regime; top bosses have time only for national issues – nation first; states will come later, and smaller states will come much later;  so, we have enough time to fix the puncture.
Maharaj : Bizando, this time it not a single perforation, it is multiple; we need versatile experts to fix all these ; Shillong party is also now a national party; it is getting more gruelling to do ‘sab ka sath sab ka vikas’.
Bizando : Eigya, our alliance is wider than NEDA or NDA; the central leadership must understand that a big national party is also an unwilling partner here ; because of their Members’ support we having been running a government at ease.
Maharaj : I fully understand your point; Masterji’s  Taekwondo philosophy of perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit make the constitutional arithmetic redundant; he is doing it for political stability and in the interest of the state; otherwise it would have been chaotic; perhaps he is also unhappy because of the unsolicited ticket offer.
Bizando : Hujur , please forget about arithmetic, at this eleven hour we cant improve it ; now we must concentrate on chemistry; only chemistry can save us all; Did you do proper salam to the Big boss in NITI meet ?
Maharaj : I did twice with a kowtow, he was smiling, he knew that I have some politico-economic problem at home.
Bizando : He smiled at you! then Eigya we are in safe hands; nothing to worry ; Big boss will take care of us, he will do  something for us, he cant see us suffering like this, he is a great soul.
Maharaj : Bizando, I have learnt a lesson that in politics there is an unending struggle for power; once you have reached the top , you cant remain complacent; many will constantly try to pull you down; thank God I have few competitors; in other states, I am told that the competition is so tough and so perilous.
Bizando : Maharaj, what are you uttering, here competition is not grievous ? you are not aware of many stories of the kurshi you adorn ; your own people  are trying to play Brutus; thank God, we always have the blessings of Ramji.
Maharaj : If my own people don’t like me to continue in the chair , why should I? I tried my level best to deliver the goods for the people and for the State ; sometimes I feel fed-up; I simply want to continue as a simple servant of the people.
Bizando : Hujur, please don’t give in; your political adversaries inside and outside are eagerly waiting for the moment of your exasperation and relinquishment ; if you lay down they will be more than happy; 2 and half years is too short a period to take sanyas.
Maharaj : Forget about outsiders, the pressure from within is so suffocating and too demurring; the party workers are also confused and confounded; they don’t know what is really going on at the top; what crime I have committed; they are after me !
Bizando : Eigya, it is quite obvious that you can’t satisfy everyone, you cant fulfil the wishes of all, at the most you can assure and pacify them in the larger interest of the people; however I strongly feel that we have failed to maintain a compatible understanding among the top brass ; perhaps prominent leaders felt bypassed ; still hope is not lost;  ‘Home’ can bring the state leaders at home.
Maharaj : His wish is our command, will he call us together, I mean the state top-bananas including the local and regional in-charges ?
Bizando : Sire , may I anticipate a  leaders meeting with the ‘Home – President’ in no time to find an acceptable and amicable solution; by the way Eigya am I getting my salary for this month ?
Maharaj : Forget it, even mine is doubtful, pray for some daya from Dilli.