KUSA resolves Copyright Act issue with Angela Dangmei

Our Correspondent
KANGPOKPI, Jun 19: Kuki Song Writers’ Association (KUSA) finally resolved the issue of copyright act between LS Mangboi, composer of the popular Kuki Gospel song, ‘Nang Laizon, Kei Laizon’ and Angela Dangmei, singer of another popular Gospel song, ‘Chabuan Guaile’ in Rongmei dialect.
Earlier, KUSA had summoned Angela Dangmei for clarification as per petition filed by LS Mangboi alleging her of infringing Copyright Act in her Gospel song, ‘Chabua Guaile’ which the former had stated that she copied his song without obtaining prior permission.
Accordingly, responding to the summoned of KUSA, Angela Dangmei accompanied by her brother met KUSA leaders in the presence of LS Mangboi, the original composer of the song and sought pardon for infringing the copyright act said L Seikholen Khongsai, spokesperson of KUSA.
He continued that considering the timely response and sincere apology, KUSA has solved the issue amicably without any fine over her fault and had dinner together with KUSA members as mark of resolving the issue.
Meanwhile, KUSA spokesperson, L Seikholen Khongsai thanked everyone for giving many important suggestion and advice over the issue in social media amidst much condemnation.
He also appealed to everyone that since the case has been resolved amicably with the knowledge of KUSA, no more condemnation or ill comment be posted against LS Mangboi and Angela Dangmei in facebook and WhatsApp groups.