Unfortunate/inappropriate misundertanding within the Zeliangrong community

Amu Kamei
The President of Manipur Kabui Union (MKU), Shri. Heera Malangmei Kabui on 10th June 2019 misquoted and condemned Amu Kamei, President Zeliangrong Union (Assam, Manipur & Nagaland) in the local newspaper over the Kabui communities stating that “It reflects the elements of disregarding his own original custom and tradition and he should clarify in connection with the misleading statement as it may create hatred and disintegrate among the communities” based on the discussion programme on Gaan-Ngai broadcasted by a local cable network on 20th January 2019.
As stated above, being the President of the Zeliangrong Union (AMN) would like to clarify as below.
(1) As per historical background of Zeliangrong Union, the ZU was formed in the year 1925 and was called

(2) According to the formation of the Zeliangrong Union and the historical background during the British period when the Political Agent of Manipur was Mr. G.P. Steward ICS, he granted a plot of land for the KABUI Association, he noted in the allotment order the name as KABUI NAGA ASSOCIATION. Since then "Kabui Naga Association" became its name. But on 15th Feb 1947 prominent "Kacha-Naga"(Zeme/ Liangmei) leaders from Naga Hills of Assam visited Manipur and held a Joint Conference with the leaders of the Kabui Naga Association of Manipur State at Keishamthong, Imphal. During the British period Zeme, Liangmei, Rongmei and Puimei of Manipur state were known as KABUI while Zeme and Liangmei of Naga Hills of Assam were branded as KACHA-NAGA. The Joint Conference decided to form a combined organisation for the KABUIS' and the KACHA-NAGAS, since they did not prefer to use neither KABUI nor KACHA-NAGA they coined a new nomenclature for the combine organisation as "ZE-LIANG-RONG". The combined and united body was called ZELIANGRONG. After the amalgamation the plot of land belongs to the Zeliangrong community as a whole.
(3) In 1959, a delegation of Puimei leaders met the MZU ( Manipur Zeliangrong Union) President and executive members at Tamenglong and complained that their name (PUIMEI) was not in the nomenclature of "Zeliangrong". So they demanded for inclusion of the name "PUI" in the nomenclature of Zeliangrong and MZU executive committee gave an assurance to the Puimei delegation. Accordingly in an executive committee meeting of MZU presided by President, Shri. D. Athuibou and the members present resolved to replace "Zeliangrong" by "Haomei/Hamei" in the nomenclature. In the gap of 1947 to 1959 i.e. 12 years, the Puimei delegation made a rightful claim to protect and preserve their culture and tradition. Accordingly, during the year 1972-73, under the leadership of Shri. G.L. Gaishing a memorandum was submitted to the Government of India for recognisation of of Zemei, Liangmei, Rongmei & Puimei as any Zeliangrong tribe but GOI differed the demand of any Zeliangrong tribe due to different language and dialect. But in the year 1980-81 under the President ship of  Shri. K. Meijinlung a memorandum was submitted to the Information and Broadcasting Union Minister, GOI during his visit to Manipur for recognition of Zeliangrong committee in lieu of Kacha-Naga as Zemei, Liangmei and Kabui as Puimei & Rongmei. At that point of time when Puimei made a complaint to the MZU( Manipur Zeliangrong Union), the Kabui did not make any complaint or any objection/ regret for the recognition as per MZU and ZU record so far according to historical documents. But in the year 2012 a bill was introduced for recognition of any tribe for further clarification and objection from any angle. The Zeliangrong Union further stated to the Ministry of tribal affairs, GOI that we have no objection to the long standing demand for recognition of Zeliangrong union. After that Ministry of Law and justice published in the Gazette of India under the Ministry of Law and Justice on 9th Jan 2012/PUSA 18,1933(SAKA)
    (a) for entry 8, substitute
        "8. Kabui, Inpui, Rongmei";
    (b) for entry 9, substitute
        "9. Kacha Naga, Liangmei, Zemei";
And Manipur gazette notification on impahl, 22nd March, 2012.
    (i) for entry 8, substitute
    "8. Kabui, Inpui, Rongmei"
    (ii) for entry 9, substitute
        "9. Kacha naga, Liangmei, Zemei";
After a long gap of 71 years i.e. from 1947 to 2018;
(4) On 29th March 2018, Shri. Lanbon Kabui Secretary, General , Kabui Kariumei Phom submitted an application regarding formation of Kabui Kariumei Phom addressed to me. Accordingly I share the matter before the Union Assembly on 2nd April 2018 at Majorkhul community Hall. The assembly took a decision based on Gazette of India and Manipur and resolved under resolution No. 7.
To be contd