Eat for beauty

Beauty is a sign of health.You are what you eat.   The key to looking beautiful lies in your daily diet .Our skin reflects our diet almost immediately. If we consume fatty, sugary, and processed foods, our skin is likely to react by becoming inflamed, puffy and rough in texture. Beauty is a natural desire on the outside - however it should also be a desire for us to be healthy from the inside out.
The secret to shinning hair and glowing skin is  not in  those lotions and potions lining the counters at  beauty saloons but  It is  in   nutrient-rich foods  in  your plate or bowl. A   gorgeous, hydrated, radiant  skin  starts with nourishment from  within not in chemical laden   costly cosmetics  . Your diet affects the health and aging of your skin. An unhealthy diet can damage your metabolism, cause weight gain and even affect organs such as your heart, Kidney  and liver. The  poor diet  contribute to lackluster skin , dry and brittle hair ,wrinkles .The bottom line is that   your skin needs  the vital nutrients  to  stay  radiant , fresh and glowing  and delicious and antioxidant food contain  beauty nutrients which   can have cosmetic benefits as well  which   can take our appearance to the next level.  A healthy   beauty-boosting food can    influence your looks and will   have you looking and feeling your best.
A healthy, balanced diet, that supplies the body with the essential nutrients, promotes both good health and beauty. A smooth, flawless, glowing skin, owes much more to our diets than we know. Nature also provides us with fruits and vegetables according to seasonal requirements. In summer, when the loss of fluids from our bodies is greater, we get melons, watermelon, cucumber, “kakri” and so on, which are high in water content.
Fresh fruit and vegetables   contain antioxidants that stave off free radicals, the aggressive molecules produced by a diet rich in sugars and starchy foods, as a byproduct of your metabolism or the environment. Free radicals create inflammation that damages your cells, resulting in inflexibility, wrinkles, sagging and the loss of firmness, tone, radiance, and texture in the skin.   They help to replenish the loss of fluids from our body. Taking in enough water and fluids stimulates blood circulation and gets rid of toxins and wastes, keeping the skin clear.Consume enough water. Water is vital to help flush out toxins and keep skin clear and hydrated.
The improper elimination of wastes leads to clogged pores and reflect on the skin, in terms of dullness, blackheads, spots, pimples and acne. The diet should be low in fat and high in vitamins and minerals. Keep to a low salt diet. Excess salt leads to retention of fluid in the body and slows down circulation. Sometimes, it can make the face and area around eyes look puffy. It can mean a congested skin that is not clear and lacks radiance. For congested skin, a low salt diet is advocated.
So, drink plenty of water and take the juice of one lemon, in a glass of water, first thing in the morning. Avoid aerated drinks and take fresh fruit juices, freshly extracted and diluted with water. Fruit and vegetable juices not only ensure a supply of valuable nutrients, but are assimilated and absorbed by the body very easily. They also help to cleanse and purify the system, keeping the skin clear and bright. Instead of a hot cup of tea, take iced tea (without milk), adding one teaspoon honey, a little lemon juice and ice. Jal Jeera, taken with ice, can also be a suitable summer drink. Taking enough water and fluids cleanses the body of toxins and wastes. This is bound to reflect in terms of a clear, fresh and radiant skin. 
Avoid heavy, spicy, fried foods. Include clear soups, lassi, yogurt, fresh fruits, salads and sprouts in your daily diet.  salads also contribute to the body’s requirement of water. Vegetables should be lightly cooked. Take enough green leafy vegetables. Instead of having rich desserts, take yogurt with honey, or fresh fruits. These make delicious desserts too. During summer, you can end your meal with lassi. This is not only cooling, but helps digestion too.Yogurt is  very good source of calcium, phosphorus, riboflavin-Vitamin B2 and iodine, Vitamin B12, pantothenic acid-Vitamin B5, zinc, potassium, protein and molybdenum. Yogurt  contains live bacterial cultures which  help you to live longer, and may fortify your immune system.  Yogurt consumption, particularly in immuno-compromised populations such as the elderly, may enhance the immune response, which would in turn increase resistance to immune-related diseases
 Cut down on sugar. Processed foods are a no-no. They contain many additives and preservatives, which damage both health and beauty. Go for simple, natural foods.
Turmeric contain  strong anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-cancer and anti-microbial characteristics which has the  ability to purify blood which is essential for clear skin.  Use of  Coconut Oil in daily diet   helps in  control blood sugar levels, assist the thyroid gland and repair the skin. You can eat it straight, blend into smoothies, use in cooking and on the skin  .Walnuts have many characteristics that make them an excellent food for healthy skin.They are a good source of essential fatty acids, richer than most other nuts in both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Sunflower seeds are an excellent source of nutrients, including vitamin E, which is an important antioxidant for the skin.
Skin problems that are related to bad health cannot be camouflaged with make-up. Spotty and dull skin are bound to show up. Ayurveda also recommends fresh, organic, nutritious foods that not only contribute to good health, but give the skin a radiant glow. Most important of all, it will make your feel better. Beauty is not just a matter of how you look, but also how you feel.
The author is international fame beauty expert and is called herbal queen of India