Unfortunate/inappropriate misundertanding within the Zeliangrong community

Amu Kamei
Contd from previous issue
tribes of the Zeliangrong. But as a contradict on 10th June 2019 through a local newspaper Shri. Heera Malangmei Kabui, President, Manipur Kabui Union published an article condemning me stating that "Kabui is replaced by Inpui and Rongmei" and disregarding his own original customs and traditions and to clarify in connection with the misleading statements as it may create hatred and disintegrity among the community.
(5) I, Amu Kamei being the President of Zeliangrong union (5) I, Amu Kamei being the President of Zeliangrong union
(AMN) for the several indigenous cognate tribe under Zeliangrong have rendered my sincere service, sacrifice, time for the unity, integrity, prosperity, peace, harmony, development and to safeguard and protect the indigenous cognate tribe based on the historical background and footprints of our forefathers. It is my humble and strong determination to work and exercise my duty and power as President to uplift the Zeliangrong cognate tribes in every field and aspect of life.  My sincere service of 38 years as a social activist rendered to my community shall not be unnoticed and be in vain. Those times will not come back as I grow older i.e. 68 years. Though I maybe a poor man but my zeal to work for my community is prosperous and I am satisfied and contended for the service that I have rendered. Even so in the future I will render my service withstanding all obstacle for my community. I have never noticed objections/condemnation/challenge among any other civil organisation so among our Zeliangrong community instead of pulling each other down with condemning, objecting and also challenging let us work together with appreciation and encourage each other to achieve our goals with understanding and sharing each other view instead of showing our weaknesses to the world in this context through media. Let not hatred takes over us, Love, understanding, and hard work among our Zeliangrong cognate tribe is the only tools to achieve an overall development in our life and for the generations to come.
(6)Regarding the formation of Kabui the letter addressed to the President, ZU (AMN) was from the organisation " Kabui Kariumei Phom" with Shri. K. Heera Kabui as President and Shri. Labon Kabui as Secretary, General. Unfortunately on 10th June,2019 through local newspaper an article of condemn was published by Shri. Heera Malangmei Kabui of an organisation " Manipur Kabui Union" but as per the record of Zeliangrong Union " Kabui Karuimei Phom" is recognised but Zelianrong Union does not hold any records about "Manipur Kabui Union" till date. The ZU would like to know if "Manipur Kabui Union" have excluded the Kabuis of other state i.e. Assam and Nagaland, a clarification would be needed on this. If any sub organisation change the name it is the duty of the concern organisation to inform and submit to its Apex body, so far ZU does not posses any records of the changed name of the organisation.
(7) For knowledge of everyone "Kabui Kariumei Phom" is one part of the Zeliangrong Union. As stated by Shri. Heera Malangmei Kabui , President, Manipur Kabui Union about the discussion programme on "GAAN-NGAI" broadcasted on 20th Jan2019, If there is any unsatisfactory comment or doubt about the discussion, everything could have been sort out within our community and why does the organisation delay for 5 months, was it intentionally or being instigated by others to falsely condemn me. I would request the above said organisation to watch the broadcast again and review their condemnating allegation and apologise at the earliest. I strongly disagree the statement of Shri. Heera Malangmei Kabui about disregarding my original customs and traditions and misleading statements to create hatred and disintegrity among the community but contradictly it is their action which will bring disunity. I have never betrayed my tribe of Zeliangrong community and I will never do so. I work only to safeguard and protect the Zeliangrong tribes. So clarify and apologise at the earliest as this is a strong action of defamation.
(8) However, I appreciate Shri. Heera Malangmei Kabui, President, MKU for his sincere and sensitive action taken up to protect his people. I hope he will continue his zeal for his community but falsely condemning each other will only bring us down. I would like to request and advice to think hundred times before publishing any allegation or condemning any leaders in future.
The writer is the president of Zeliangrong Union (AMN)