Yoga, overdraft & stability

I asked Google Sir, what is the most important thing in Yoga ? Sorry ,I stand corrected I asked Google Madam , what is the most significant aspect of Yoga ? The reply was simple “breathing”; in common parlance it is the fundamental part of Yoga because it sustains life, settles mind, relaxes body and maintains the self. My next query was , what is an overdraft ? there came a quick respond – drawing more money than you have in your account or beyond your credit limit.
Patanjali in his Yoga Sutras talked  abundantly about vibhuti pada i.e. supernatural power; I believe we have experienced it on 21 June. At the dawn of the Yoga day and just before the beginning of the Yoga session the Chief  was blessed with the good news that Laxmiji has done something with our account and consequently there is no overdraft.  It is proven that Yoga sustains life; now everyone will get salary in time; power of Yoga is incredible . Just before the session we receive such wonderful news. If we chant Om loud and clear it seems  more money will come to our coffer. So , let us say Om together ; it is in the interest of the people and the state. All the honourables should come together and chant in one voice; it is  not only a matter of salary and pension alone but also about development and sharing. I mean the sharing the onus of development.
Bs coming together and produce a humming sound of Om – all our worries will vanish. The problem is , Bs are divided now and also refuse  to fall in line. The bee keeper is having a tough time. The bees are not listening and flying here and there. Even the threat of Central rule does not carry weight; because they know pretty well  that the Dilli may not endorse the idea as it amounts to self-infliction. As clarified by the spokespersons there is no such thing as power struggle  ; the question still lingers , what is that thing ?
If there is nothing why the big Bs and swarm are moving towards the Queen Bee at the centre. Now the swarm is also being attracted towards working queen bee   . Stability is necessary for the progress and development of the land and its people. Ours is a tiny land but full of erratic complexities. Sometimes the bee keepers go bonkers, they don’t know what to do? But sustaining and maintaining stability is an art to learn and master.
An appointment at the highest level is perhaps an indication that there is no such restriction on appointments and recruitments. If there is no ban or restrictions why should the ministries and departments remain defunct on such activities?  I really don’t know whether the state government has taken a decision in this regard. Earlier it was made apparent that all recruitments and appointments are restrained till financial stability is redeemed and restored. Anyways positive things will follow.
The world celebrates the international Yoga day on 21 June . This time too the whole world indulged in Yoga on 21 ; amateurs are suffering from muscle pain, bone ache, tiredness etc, particularly the first timers. Thailand is requesting the United Nations to declare either 22 or 23 June as the world massage day in order to give relieve to yoga- pain. Many countries have supported this  powerful idea because they all do Yoga. China is ferociously supporting these ideas because they see business in  Yoga mats, Yoga attires, Massage platform, massage oil, materials, hands etc.
If we are reluctant to say Om , we may say Ong but  we must appreciate the power of that   sound wave; if  we are hesitant to use the term Surya -namaskar, we may call it morning sun-bathing or vitamin-D-expo; however the significance of sunlight must be acknowledged. Synchronization of Yoga with Cosmic energy is astronomical.
Harvard researcher called Benson discovered in the 80s that the monks living at a very high altitude in the Himalayas could comfortably bear the freezing temperature. A  Buddhist  monastery at Twang in Arunachal still demonstrates the same; the monks there practice a kind of yoga resulting in a meditative trance so deep that the outside weather cant impact their body temperature. The monks can sleep at ease with simple robes in such heights where the temperature sometimes goes down below -10 . Yoga is amazing but I am more zealous about Patanjali’s vibhuti pada ,the supernatural power of Yoga.
The unsolicited suggestion which may be rendered to the renowned bee-keepers is that if the object is to maintain political stability this is high time to intervene from the top and not from the middle ;  even at this crucial juncture all the bees including the big Bs will obey the command from the top. But the Yogic equitable equilibrium ought to be counterpoised.