IMA welcomes Govt's decision on Consumer Protection Bill

New Delhi, Jun 25 : Indian Medical Association (IMA) has expressed gratitude to the Union Government for approving the technical amendment in the proposed Consumer Protection Bill by a Cabinet decision on June 24 removing healthcare services from the list of services.
A joint press release issued by the National president, and the secretary general IMA stated that it welcomes this important gesture to the medical fraternity and the healthcare industry.
This will be a turning point in doctor-patient relationship and will also address the larger issue of healthcare violence, added the statement.
IMA lauded Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Government of India on effectively addressing the root cause of violence in hospitals and upon doctors.
It said that IMA believes that specific removal of healthcare from being mentioned in the list is a goodwill gesture in the right direction.
However, IMA is anxious on its impact on litigation against doctors and hospitals, mentioned the statement.