Man in White (MIW) surrounded by few wise men

-Kamal Baruah
Storytelling is an art that gives joy and imagination to children. That could be true or imaginary but it promised to entertain and educate young mind. I wonder how my nephew coloured the sky into black because it referred to the night time appearance of the sky. What my mother’s stories taught me about life that made a significant impact on our days? Those were forgotten childhood but I was trapped while I ought to tell a story every day before a good night’s sleep because no other love in the world is like the love of a father has for his daughter. And I tried with a new imaginary fairy-tale instantly because little angel doesn’t like repetitive stories.  I couldn’t remember those epic of stories either for I passed on her.
I got some respite from telling stories after my daughter has grown-up. Today I put on writing a true tale instead. We saw Hollywood blockbuster MIB, the Men in Black have protected the Earth from the scum of the universe. In that new adventure, they tackled their biggest, most global threat. Today my take on a unique person; Punya ma’m calls him a “Boga Manuh” (MIW - Man in White). My earliest memories of white were my primary teacher who wears white dress. Devotees go to temple with all white. Politicians wear white dress to show symbol of purity. Tamil give respect to wear their traditional dresses in white. But the idea of being MIW poles apart.
He is the first one to open vault and the last to shutter down and he wears all white. One could easily identify him from his dress to his close desk areas in the office. It’s all white even his Scooter except the black tyre. Humans have been cooking food since the Stone Age, and there are plenty of good reasons why the practice has survived to this day. There are lot of unusual happenings who even does not take any cooked food. He takes boiled moong dal, milk and dried fruits only. His wild imaginations are to have a house some day with all white furniture over a white carpet. I wonder if Uncle Sam could give a second thought on White House.
Besides all white, he is truthful and a gentleman too, who fights for rights and as i/c section, he makes voice for office. While I made a print option to his network printer, I often struck up as it often goes for sleep mode. “It doesn’t print on white A4 paper, you need to have black paper instead so that white ink will print over” Dutta frantically yelled to me. That was funny. On the other end, Tulika and Jimi ma’m make their presence with instant and apposite reply on everything to their Govt in-charge Mr Dutta. The ladies club have their ready wit and wisdom always.  Probably we spend more waking hours in office than anywhere else. And office is gradually becoming a home away from home. While workload was a matter of concern that increasingly intrude our personal space. The trend turns office into a second home. Our weekly lottery is a lot of fun that excites everyone’s interest and concern. Whoever wins, he has to throw a tea party. Incidentally, Medhida always wins at heads or tails. The organiser Mr Mazumdar was behind all this tricky initiative. Newly joined Bhagawati decided to work with extra effort on pending tens of thousands scholarship payment. Despite workload during business hours, we make time for leisure in the post lunch session. Haloida’s cutting chai (tapri) is lot of fun and remains our thoughts always. Sambhu is omnipresent and he has a fair idea of everything around.  Soon I joined bank, I came across the confusing terminology GAD. Later on I realised that it’s actually Government Accounts Department. Banking means business. In Govt section, we welcome senior citizen, salary a/c holders with open arms. Despite heavy workload during March ending and November’s Life Certificate, bankers get into specific tactics for keeping their customers happy. That’s how an organisation survives. We promised to make sure that customers go happy-easy-go at our place. My colleagues wonder how I keep pensioners cool and happy despite long wait. It’s all about customers’ service and relation. That’s what we’re dearly loved by most of the customers. Bankers have to learn tech-know-how to sustain with changing environment in this digital world. And MIW doesn’t hesitate to learn from colleagues. That’s a true spirit of learning as learning has no age bar. He used to offer sweet many a times and it was purely white ‘Kalakand’ (sweet made out of solidified, sweetened milk and paneer) from his native New Guwahati. The sweets are incredibly tasty yet MIW found the face of the seller is gloomy and his lips compressed all the time.
MIW is a deeply pious person and a voracious reader who writes piece of writing with a difference. Ajon beticromi manuh (an atypical man) is very interesting read. He drives long to meet people around and even peddle like a Pro on bicycle but with a different and purpose. He says we can learn a great deal from our surrounding, if we develop a passion for learning to go. MIW is truly surrounded by few wise men and they continue to advice intelligently and help each other even in the crisis of work load. Tales of Akbar and his intelligent adviser Birbal have been told since time immemorial. Here the tales of humour from MIW Mr Goswami, a senior officer is tallied like another great Mughal Emperor Akbar at our section. Interestingly he is surrounded by two air warrior, the man in blues. You see, isn’t an imaginary piece of writing?  I suppose so. All his belongings (kits), he carries all white except his hairs that have yet to become grey. His wise men were nursing a grievance for a new white iphone that made him to talk white over phone on white day. Man in White (MIW) undoubtedly brought smile at SBI Dispur. Hope this story come into being is quite fascinating to esteemed readers.
The writer is a former air warrior and currently working for SBI Dispur