The war of perspectives

The more you go through, clearer will be this concept for you – ‘it’s all in mind.’ Never did I really pour my cent attention to know that four worded sentences until I stopped searching. Well! Without making you more confused with my clouds, I have been thinking that all the happenings are outside my realm. I with no doubt tell that, there are real physical happenings outside us which we have no control of. Like, you see people fighting in-front of you which you have no control of but avoiding what’s happening to not see is something in your control.
I have been into the ocean of thoughts for why something external affects me all the time. ‘Attention’ is a blessing in disguise, for its slight change in the angle of the attention will result in two complete things. One’s on the inside and the other is on the outside. We have not given much attention on the inside, but we focus so much on what we see only, this have made us think that our perspective is the only right world. Let me break down the war of perspectives.
Case 1,
First narration - I was just a few meters away from my car when he came and snatched my purse which was on my right hand. Then I ran, looked for any stones to take him down from behind. The corner took down his speed and that was the moment I threw my phone at his head, it didn’t miss but wasn’t hard enough to take him down rather than giving him a swollen head.
Second narration – I saw this man standing, he was well dressed but hunger from within made me see nothing more than an opportunity to fill my dying stomach. I snatched his purse, I didn’t look back even once, I knew it must have hurt him so much.
I felt sorry but hunger made me heartless. He took advantage of the corner, he hit me with something, it really hurt me so much, but I was so late to apologize – I ran for living with some more squares of meal with whatever notes I will find in the purse.
This is life, no one is wrong, no one is right – it’s all the perspective that you see. In the first one, it seems like the man standing was right coz he was the narrator but in the second, things change, right? Trust me – I just wrote the ugly truth of life.
Case 2,
First narration – I really wanted to answer the question which the teacher threw to the whole class, but I knew my friends will call me over-smart. I knew they will laugh at me, I really don’t know why I just don’t want people talking about me. The last benchers were laughing at me when they see me trying to raise my hand, that was the time it killed my strength of raising my hand to answer.
Second narration – I was at the last bench, with my same old idiots laughing at every silly joke. Then I saw the first bencher trying to raise his hand for answering, I just asked my friend for what teacher asked. My friend laughed coz before I even understand the question someone has already tried answering.
In life, the one fear that kills yourself comes from yourself. You start judging others thinking that they are judging you, this will kill you only. 90% of the things that you think what others must be thinking is always wrong. Trust me – you need to pack your dreams to walk away from this fear.
Case 3
First narration – Every morning, she keeps saying that I look so ugly and fat. That drove my mind away from sitting in the first bench as she too sits there in my class. I always come and sit in the first bench before she sits but she always makes me mad. But that day where I kept quiet and sat even when she called me ugly, that triggered her anger up and she walked away from me for the first time.
Second narration – She was just like me-poor in studies, but how come she turned out so good. This jealousy forced me to hurt her, I just want to do what makes her feel bad.
I always sit next to her in class just to take over her seat as she would always walk away whenever I call her ugly, and that made me happy. Until one day when she was no longer hurt even when I call her ugly, that fired me up into insecurity and forced me to walk away from her.
Trust me – if you want to kill your enemy, just show them that they meant nothing to you, that will murder their insecure hearts.
Just like the coin – two faced, all the problems and situations are two faced, both are right and both are wrong, but the side which you believe to stay on is the right one for you, but may-be not for me.
This is a world created with unwanted adjustments, the one who gets the maximum mark in environmental studies used the maximum number of papers (Trees), the most dangerous terrorist will also smile when you tickle their feet, the animal that you cut and offered to God must also be praying to God to live long in his own ways, the frowning face that you received on losing the bargain with the lady selling vegetables is giving a ton of happiness to her for the little extra profit.          
This world is made with perspectives, and you as a being born in this green ball call earth, you need to believe in what you see because the moment you try to cross-see it, you will be trapped with nothingness where you will realize that, there is nothing but just a bunch of idiots shouting that they see everything without even being able to comb their back hair. 
(The writer is a Motivational Orator, based in Canada. And can be reached at [email protected]; Facebook – Birkarnelzelzit – Young Thoughts; Twitter – Birkarnelzelzit, INSTAGRAM – Birkarnal, watch his WILL motivational videos by going to his YouTube channel @Live With Bir.)