Tough stand of rebel MLAs: A question of principles

Not exactly a storm but after a brief lull, the stirring from the rebel BJP MLAs can be seen again. Not surprisingly from New Delhi, where they are camped. Difficult to say how the Central BJP leadership will take the decision of the rebel MLAs, but asserting that they will stay away from all meetings to be chaired by the Chief Minister is an extremely strong stand. Wonder how well this will go down with the Central BJP leadership, but it may certainly set off a chain reaction and it may not be pleasant for some. After going live on a TV interview making their stand known against the Chief Minister, now it is the turn for the dissident MLAs to assert that they will not have anything to do with the Chief Minister. July 10 was the date they had hoped that the Central BJP leaders would act and replace the present Chief Minister N Biren, but this has not happened and this may be the immediate trigger for them to come out with such a strong stand. Ongoing Parliamentary session is the answer that has been bandied about as the reason why the Central BJP leaders are yet to act and it is the days after July 26, when the Parliamentary session winds up, that the rebel MLAs have pinned their hopes on. Tough to say which way the wind will blow, but a comparison with what is happening at Karnataka cannot be ruled out. Of the 14 rebel MLAs (Cong-JD-S), nine of them have resigned. That the Speaker of the Karnataka Assembly has turned down the resignations on technical ground is a another thing, but here is a perfect example of MLAs from another State acting in a principled manner.
Goa may also be in a somewhat similar position with as many as 10 of the 15 Congress MLAs switching side to the BJP but rewind two years back and one is immediately reminded of the principled course of action taken by Vishwajit Rane who was first elected as a Congress MLA back in 2017. Son of former Chief Minister of Goa, Pratap Singh Rane, Vishwajit quit the Congress and the Assembly and then joined the BJP one month later. This is an apt example of abiding by the spirit of democracy. An example which none of the Congress MLAs who are supping with the BJP in Manipur thought fit to follow. Exposes their utter lack of principles and one shudders to think that these are the same set of people elected to be called leaders !! What is happening at Karnataka and what is happening here is a stark reminder of where principle figures on the agenda of the political leaders of the State. Sad it is that while the State recently looked at the grim prospect of a drought like situation, the ruling MLAs were and are busy lobbying at Delhi for reasons which may not have much to do for the good of the people. Can Manipur afford such a situation in the face of the numerous sensitive issues facing the people ? The CAB may be introduced anytime in Parliament and to be sure one can expect protests to erupt here. The final accord with the NSCN (IM) may be signed anytime and in the face of such possibilities, can Manipur afford the fluid political situation ?