Deadly Summer

-K Radhakumar
Barren plants
Waiting for a wet summer!
This summer is cruel to a childless couple.
Still, not a drop of rain
And the wife is past child-bearing age.
I feel my muse have deserted me.
Still, I dream of writing a poem.
A poem
A poem on peace
Peace which passes understanding
Peace that captures the quintessence of a perfect life.

Let’s get real.
The conflict of the Arab and Jewish worlds
The regional and national interests
The national and International issues!
Strong and effective international forums
To solve social and political problems
Before these lead to the outbreak of war!
Border is no longer a line
That divides two neighbouring countries;
We have very involved citizens.
It is very difficult to see
The subtle difference between humans and animals
Let’s see what stuff I’m made of –
I have infected the world
With my imperfections.

Our future is uncertain.
Our future
The future of mankind lies in peace.
It’s as simple as that
And then, all great things are simple.
To be great is to be simple.
Newton was sitting nearby
When an apple was falling from the tree.
A common sight
A simple thing
A clear thinker
A big step
For the good of all mankind.