Board exam toppers are not your biz ambassadors!

Let me take you back on my writing which is now a calling topic for the difference between brand ambassadors and board exam toppers are walled down. I never knew, 10th position holders are not just viewed as a mark of academic excellence but a hook to catch many fishes. Never have seen this trend in any corners of the world, SCHOOLS BUYING POSITION HOLDERS. The very reason why I quote BUYING here is because of the fact of involving capital in it. “Oh! This school bought the first position for 20 lakhs,” this is the biggest proof that commercialization of education is now a reality in Manipur.
To get more buyers and consumers, a company’s product is advertised by a big movie star, this is a business trick to catch more just by using the fame of the big movie star not the quality of the product. Is it not really same with what’s happening now with position holders in Manipur, all the multi-national companies (Schools) buying the actors (position holders) for the advertisement just to get more customers (students).
It really shook me to surprise that some schools bargained in doing that, clearly flashing out the fact that the mother teacher of corruption is the school. This word BARGAIN really triggered me making all the rights into wrongs. If the very motive for all that was just to help the student and appreciate his success then why they need to bargain, when bargaining comes, deals come, when deals come, business comes and when business comes in education, this is when SCHOOLS will be nothing less than PAN DUKAN.
And I have always been thinking this is just a strategy, but now this has hampered the young minds and they are starting to look for the better food in the market, food meaning the bigger bribe.
The first few benches in the class are for the position holders which will keep up the school’s flag and the remaining 100s are for keeping up the building and infrastructure of the school. To all the schools, students are the pillars of the Nation not the customers of the Nation, students are the future not a tool to fill up your future, students are the wealth of our tomorrow not the wealth to increase your bank balance. It sometimes surprises me so much seeing the number of students in the classroom, I mean the fishes the position holder catches, are schools focusing on quality education or quantity education?
The next question is, are they buying the position holder from their pocket ? No. They suck up the money from those fees coming from the poor students. I mean, “will you pay someone to let that someone buy anyone to sit with you that everybody can sit.”
Are they really helping the position holders ? No. They instil egos in them, this lead them to complete failures. The holders are garlanded with temporary celebrity modes making them ride on cloud nine by sucking their hard-work away and replacing with just pleasures. 
If you think your school is good, why there is a need to buy students. And I believe this is anti-corruption departments, where are they? Didn’t they see what’s happening? Oh! Boy! That’s not a facilitation – that’s a hard-core corruption. Will you study really hard to get bought by some business man?
You have your own right to study in any school of your choice ? They didn’t even give you that ? Seriously ? The quality of the school should be looked upon on how they can change a poor student to an amazing one not changing the already perfect one to just the same perfect one.
And why do you need to open coaching centre in your own school ? Need some extra money for extra building ?  School is nothing but a place where you need to learn not memorize.
(The writer is a Motivational Orator, based in Canada. And can be reached at [email protected]; Facebook – Birkarnelzelzit – Young Thoughts; Twitter – Birkarnelzelzit, INSTAGRAM – Birkarnal, watch his WILL motivational videos by going to his YouTube channel @Live With Bir.)