Federation of Haomee denounces memorial pillar at Khulmuan village

IMPHAL, Jul 19
Federation of Haomee (FOH), Imphal today denounced a memorial stone pillar erected at Khulmuan village which depicts '21 ethnic groups as the sub-tribes of Kukis in Manipur'.
'Out of the 21 ethnic groups, eleven have denied that they have any link with Kukis. The eleven indigenous communities are- Aimol, Anal, Chiru, Chothe, Koirao, Koireng, Kom, Lamkang, Maring, Monsang and Moyon,' said FOH in a statement.
The 11 communities have reiterated that they are indigenous people of Manipur having Yek Salai which the King of Manipur had given to them as in case of Meiteis and 24 other hill communities in Manipur, FOH claimed.
Denouncing the 'force conversion' of the eleven groups and 'fabrication' of history, FOH appealed the concerned group/people to dismantle the stone pillar before July 31. FOH will be forced to take up 'appropriate' actions, if the pillar is not dismantled, it said. The FOH also appealed Chief Minister to order dismantling the pillar before the deadline.