Politics & farmers waiting for a downpour

Maharaj  : Bizando, why is the rain god so stingy this time, our farmers are unable to start the process of rice cultivation, time is running out , what to do ?
Bizando : Eigya we have conducted a solemn ritual at Nongmaijing Ching led by our real Maharaja ; so rain is expected  anytime. But who is going to recover the pipes, water-pumps, fuel etc distributed by your good self . Sire, some people are still talking about a political downpour , is it still in vogue ?
Maharaj : First tell me,  am I not the real Maharaja ? you are demeaning my position ; your salary will be cut ; you still murmur about the baseless rumours of political tempest which was manufactured by some vested interest and so your official car is withdrawn .
BIzando :  Forgive me Huzur ; you are both de facto and de jure Maharaja ; I was just talking about our titular traditional Maharaja; and about the political rumours you can’t gag me or intimidate me like that because the rumour milling machines are in place in our own party office; some of our Nobles are still saying that there will be political  cloudburst in no time.
Maharaj : I pardon  you , but don’t forget that I am still in the helm of affairs; Dilli is still backing me; no one is challenging me in the open ; some unemployed nobles are running here and there to get jobs in my government; do you remember  that many Nobles camped in Dili for months  together to dislodge my predecessor, they came back empty handed, then he became the undisputed leader.
Bizando : Eigya I still remember that ; then he ruled and ruled and ruled for 15 long years ; Sire do you mean to say that history will repeat itself ; if so I will also enjoy for another 12 years, I mean, I will be serving the people for another 12 years.
Maharaj : By the grace of God I have got enough; if He is will to give me more how can I say no ? I mean name , fame, status , position etc ; now I want to do something for the people of both hills and valley ; 15 years was a long period my predecessor could have done so many things ;if I get such an opportunity I would be able to do many more things including building a bonhomie between the  hills and valley.
Bizando : Eigya your continuance is my continuance ; history will repeat itself ; because “we learn from history that we never learn from history” , I don’t remember who said it ? may be Einstein or Newton; anyway as  desired by Dili, Masterji is calling the Session  for a day or two ; that means we are still in and around the mango tree.
Maharaj : How can you say that my continuance is your continuance ? I may remove you any time ; I am just joking  , you know so many things about me , how can you leave me; now you have reminded me at the right time , do we maintain a list  of those who have  procured water-pumps, pipes, diesel etc from me ? who is  having that? Suppose we get enough rain within a few days it will be prudent on our part  to redeem all those pumps and pipes for future use .
Bizando : Eigya, before the rain arrives it is better to ask immediately for drought relief fund from Dili ; by the time we get the drought relief fund from the centre there would be flood; so the  drought money can be utilized for flood relief and for draught too ; this time  lets buy some light motor boats so that our nobles can easily roam around in the flood affected areas day in and day out.
Maharaj : Yes  of course , last time also we could use the drought money for flood relief ; this time the drought money may also be used for giving salary and pension ; Centre is also waiting for the passing of the  budget; I heard that it is almost done ; now we may get some relief; thank God we may not be compelled to borrow from the market .
Bizando :Eigya, just now we have got the information that there will be cloudburst very shortly; the message is from Dili  and not from our local MED (Meteorological department ); leaders are asked to use their available umbrellas to protect themselves; after a short Session all have to resign for redesigning .
Maharaj : Bizando , is it only a downpour or deluge; whether I am included in the redesigning process ; if it is only downpour I am not included but if it is deluge I am not excluded.
Bizando :  Sire, Dili will try to save all in a dignified manner; it may put up a Govardhan not an  umbrella  in order to protect all including the party ; all is well that ends well !
Maharaj : You mean going to EVM ?
Bizando : Eigya , let us not conclude, there are alternatives,  continuance with compromise or compromise without continuance, leader on Dili deputation or PR without dissolution with a scope for revival  or  the last option is going back to the people .