My unlinked thoughts

Cent sure for you will sense my anger through the lines. I have been to different environs, and to each I went - differences and uniqueness welcomed me. That’s the reason why we have boundaries, if we all are just same then there won’t be much fun either, that differences are filling the holes in making all of us live under the same umbrella.
Me as one born in one of the unique tales so call Manipur, I have always been at the brim of my pride when my differences makes me deal the warmth of uniqueness. And this pride is dangerous at times, for those who are with less exposure - this pride can go in their heads, not just at their hearts. Americans(USA) are mostly known to be so proud of their nation - which makes them go less out of their country, thinking they are in heaven so why go to something lesser, they feel USA is the only country which has the full-fledged freedom in all the citizens. Sadly, that makes them feel so superior helping their arrogance and ignorance to go up. And on the other pole, most of the Meiteis - including me have packed pride thinking Manipur is the only land which has pure culture/tradition/history/script and everything. That tiny ego went all at heads. If you see a guy or a girl going out with non-Manipuri, that ego kicks in - forcing them to make fun of those pair and those who stays outside Manipur are treated as a less Manipuri for they are not allowed to share their utmost opinions. They are always stopped by, “Manipur da su leitaba ng na kei khangdana.” And again we seem to mostly focus on the history and the covers for we seem to forget that people should know us from our attitude and our values not from google. Yes, we have so many values but do we have it in each of us rather than knowing what we use to have just to show off that we are unique. Canada is a land of immigrants but all those who go there tries to be like the least populated pure Canadians because of their values in them. If we really have that in all of us, the values that we see in book about us, there will be very less killings and fighting. I know that we were raised in an environment where impressing others is the main goal, “Nane na kei haikhini, yumthangnaba na fana ngangnahanlu.” While trying to fill the gaps of what people should think of us, we have forgotten to accept our flaws, and cover ourselves with ‘what’s on books just to impress others.’
And the very crab culture that’s on top, this is the result of thinking culture is what we wear not what we do. No one would let anyone go over anyone. I know today’s article seem very unlinked but trust me, this is how the truth is. And you and I, who are born in the mid of this crab war. We need to climb safe, make it to the top, because this crabs can also raise you higher than anybody. Mary Kom, who is now a form of Goddess in boxing was once treated as a joker in the card. She made it out of this crab, now this crabs are raising her higher than anyone. And this is how society works here, at some point – you will be pulled down – and you will only be pulled down if you are higher than the rest – so next time when people try to pull you down, just remember that you are ahead. You know what you have to do at that moment? Close your eyes – don’t look back and run for your dream because it’s better to keep moving than to start all over again. If you can fit out of this Meitei society, you are ready to face anything in this world, this is the best training ground.
(The writer is a Motivational Orator, based in Canada. And can be reached at [email protected]; Facebook – Birkarnelzelzit – Young Thoughts; Twitter – Birkarnelzelzit, INSTAGRAM – Birkarnal, watch his WILL motivational videos by going to his YouTube channel @Live With Bir.)