Three decisions vis-a-vis Babysana’s death: Challenges before Govt

The death case of Ningthoujam Baby-sana to be handed over to the CBI. Fresh post mortem to be conducted and the IO of the case to be an officer not below the rank of an Additional SP. This is the latest move from the side of the Government and this came about during a meeting between the JAC formed against the mysterious death of the 14 year old girl child on July 18 and the Chief Minister as well as the DGP. It still remains to be seen whether CBI will agree to take up the case and how efficiently it can deal with the case. On the other hand, the two other assurances, that is conducting a fresh post mortem and letting an officer not below the rank of an Additional SP be the IO sounds reassuring and should go some way in soothing the hurt sentiments of the parents of the late girl child and as well as the people. This however would not guarantee that the fact would be established, but at least this is a start. This is the immediate task before the Government but this is not the last and surely Chief Minister N Biren must be worried over the prospect of a poor harvest, thanks to the extremely deficient rainfall recorded this year. The mysterious death of a school girl, the prospect of a very poor harvest, the plight of thousands of farmers and obviously the ongoing internal tussle within the BJP legislators and surely Chief Minister N Biren must be a worried man.
No magic formula to address any of the three issues facing the State Government but it can surely take lessons from the past and study why there is the need to hand over the death case of Babysana to the CBI, knowing fully well that there is no way to know if the Central agency will agree to the proposal of the State Government or not. If some section of the people are happy with the decision of the State Government to invite the CBI to probe the case, then it may be said to be a reflection of the deep chasm between the State police and the public. This is where it becomes necessary to study how to plug this gap between the police and the public. On the other hand, the State Government too need to listen to the voice of reasoning that has been aired on the social media that the case can and should be resolved by the State police. Or was the decision to invite the CBI just another adhoc measure to address the angst of the JAC and others who demanded that the State Government open its mouth and shed its seeming indifference ? Does this mean that if the CBI is approached then the State Government is serious about solving the mysterious death of the young school girl ? No easy answer here but efforts need to be taken up to instil trust in the State police.