Have you ever fallen in love?

Love is a wonderful feeling with extreme positivity as I experienced. It’s something that fears you as well as fuels you while taking any weight of calls. Wondered a lot for why life needs love – then I stood my ground with my answer – “Hope is another avatar of love.” Love makes you hope for things, loving someone makes you do things making your capabilities not even your priority. True love is a form of giving up your own perspective, for you live in the service of the other – you live on the ground for their happiness. Only for only you will want anything be done to parcel the other with happiness, loving any physical and emotional creations of the other.
Extremity in physical and emotional exceptions creates the initial ignition of the attraction. Too beautiful or exceptional personality – we will still put these two between the first parenthesis that it’s all under the court of your perspective. Love drives to boost you and at time brakes to break you and dump you in your past. Said and felt by just till experts that living is the best gift of life, getting to experience this human world, but love outruns the living’s importance clouding you with feelings that love tops the line of life’s priorities – for you can give up your life for something you care. People dies for their motherland or for something/someone they love. Just like the darkest shadow can only be form by the brightest light, loving someone so deeply can cause you the extreme destruction – for the second after you are in love, expectation powders your “service for the other” principal making you very vulnerable in the reaction of the other.
Something now flavours the very service for other when expectation pours in, i.e. possessiveness. Loud and clear – possessiveness is nothing evil, you only want the other’s reaction to be the response of your stimuli only. The other’s happiness/sadness/laughter/beauty should be by you and for you only – this very heavenly concept might sometimes take down walls between the two love birds but also one might charge the other for intrusion or trespassing the private property – which leads to fights, for giving space in relationship is something that matters a lot. The concept is simple – the response without being monitored will weight way more than something crafted to respond in the way you want. Some might also want to hunt for superiority in the relationship just to get the throne of authority thinking they could drive the unlinked train.
This aroma did once flower me, and not just me but many might have experienced this so call love. And when this ‘love’ garlands, you will do fall - for you will want something not you to be yours. Therefore, clearing off some space is in the must priority, that’s why people do fall in love and not stand in love. This is also a gentle negotiation of all the differences and making it a stronger team. Love is not about looking for similarities but accepting the differences.
Coming to the most unwelcomed part of the story, for why people break-up? When the only bond call trust breaks or gets weakened, it melts the entirety of its expansion. Love is something that’s not meant to be explained but understood, something that’s not meant to be read but feel. Never look for those who you should fall in love with for they are easy to find but hard to maintain. When you find the one, never let it go, and once you lose the grip – take some time and try winning them all over again by confessing whatever. To explain in the simplest way, love can make somebody contemplate suicide – if that energy making you suicide is channelized in a positive hole, if it can inspire you to live, if it can be yarned as a challenge than you will do wonders in life for you will have the ‘never giving up attitude.’
(The writer is a Motivational Orator, based in Canada. And can be reached at [email protected]; Facebook – Birkarnelzelzit – Young Thoughts; Twitter – Birkarnelzelzit, INSTAGRAM – Birkarnal, watch his WILL motivational videos by going to his YouTube channel @Live With Bir.)