Edn Min attends Happiness Education Conference 2019


New Delhi, July 31
Education Minister Thokchom Radheshyam attended the Happiness Education Conference 2019 held at Talkatora Stadium, New Delhi today.
The event marked the culmination of the 15 day long "Happiness Utsav" which was celebrated at Delhi Government-run schools on completion of a year of the happiness curriculum.
Stating that the conference is held to deliberate on the best possible ways to impart education, the Minister said that the vision is to provide students the opportunity to understand and experience happiness by self introspection and understanding relationships better by engaging oneself in active participation.
The Minister also appealed to the teaching community in Manipur to provide their best knowledge and methods to the students.
Pointing out that the department and the State Government are giving huge emphasis to the education sector,  Radheshyam said that students’ bodies in the State should come together and put forward good suggestions for better education in Manipur, although there are shortage of funds, manpower and infrastructure.
Speaking as the chief guest, Chief Justice of India, Rajan Gogoi opined the idea of running happiness classes in judicial academies too.
"If we can make the youth learn to be happy, we can control the number of litigation in the country", he said and added that there are huge number of litigations pending which go on for years leaving people unhappy.
If the youth can be taught on how to be happy and content, there will be reduction in litigations, he remarked.
Lt Governor, Anil Baijal, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia graced the function as the president and guests of honour. The Happiness Curriculum is an endeavour of Delhi Government to guide the attention of students towards exploring, experiencing and expressing happiness in deeper and sustainable forms that transcends the momentary kind.
Each happiness class is run daily for 35 minutes, comprising of mindfulness exercise, stories, activities, and expressions on an allocated day in a week.