Meeting held at Bpr

Our Correspondent
Bishnupur, Jul 7: A meeting cum discussion programme to provide a peaceful environment and to provide adequate food for the scores of Monkey habitated in Konung Leirembi inside CI College Campus, Bishnupur district was organized by Bishnupur Municipal Area Biodiversity Management Committee, Bishnupur at Community Centre (Conference Hall) of Old Municipal Council Office.
In the meeting presided by Th Yaima, Chairman of the Committee, hosts of issues including the problem caused by the construction of infrastructure inside CI College Campus (a Reserve Forest Area) to the numbers of Monkey habitated inside the College Campus, plight of the Monkeys caused by the cutting of trees to clear the area for the installation of BSNL micro-towers and its after-effect which lead to non-availability of food for the apes were discussed.
They also discussed about the way to provide food to the 160/170 monkeys so that they do not roam around the adjacent villages in search of food.