Cry of a downtrodden State-4

Kh Dinamani
I am crying lonely at night,
Crying of seeing the flatter,
Crying in search of flotsam
Crying hesitantly.
Crying in search of heuristics,
Crying far away of Heaven
Crying for joy of fortitude
Crying for impolitic Govt
Crying for incense of public
Crying for incognito nature
One who cry of joy for no retirement
One who cry of joy for re-arrangement
One who cry for no promotion
One who cry for lucrative politics
One who cry for loss of portfolios
Crying for joy of lolly
Crying for drying of river
Crying for drying of stream
No water no river
No water no stream
No mandate by the people
No ministry by the MLA
No ministry no Government
No lurcher no Government
So, I am crying for a Stable Government