MPCC seeks Guv's intervention


By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Jul 6: MPCC president and MLA Gaikhangam has expressed keen desire for the Governor or the Central Government leaders to intervene into the political crisis besieging the State Government which has completely overlooked the grievances faced by the people of the State currently due to inadequate rainfall and shortage of fertilisers etc.
Replying to queries by media persons regarding the State Assembly's monsoon session and the issue of inadequate rainfall, Gaikhangam said that it is disappointing to see the leaders fighting for their own self interest by completely ignoring the suffering of the people, specially the farmers.
It is as if there are no administration and no Government, he said, urging the MLAs and the Ministers to stop all the fighting and power struggle and instead ensure the holding of an Assembly session to focus on the issues prevailing in the State.
Drawing the attention of the Governor and the Central Government, Gaikhangam appealed them not to remain as silent spectators but intervene and bring a solution to the issue. The power struggle is affecting the poor people in the end, he added.