One's love for party must be shown by deed, asserts Biren


By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Jul 6: One should never do any harm to the State and let people suffer in pursuit of self-interests. If one genuinely loves BJP, the love should be shown by deeds, not rhetoric, asserted Chief Minister N Biren while launching a BJP membership drive today.
On the other hand, IPR Minister Th Biswajit claim-ed that he would continue to strive for the growth of BJP in the State.
Even if there are certain internal grievances, no dissent would last long and BJP would certainly see better days in the State soon, Biswajit said.
BJP Membership Drive 2019 was formally launched at the auditorium of Mani-pur State Film Development Society, Place Compound today under the aegis of BJP Manipur Pradesh.
It is said that the membership drive would continue till August 30 and it is aimed at increasing the party’s primary membership and active workers by 20 per cent.
Notably, BJP purportedly has 4.40 lakh primary members and 5,634 active members.
Speaking at the gathering, Chief Minister N Biren asserted that one should never let the masses suffer in pursuit of self-interests.
The masses have the authority to reprimand and punish all the elected members. This is one firm belief of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and this belief is one major factor for the astounding success of the Prime Minister, Biren said.
Narendra Modi’s politics of dependence on the masses is worth emulating. No force will be able to hold back BJP as long as people supports it and are happy with the party’s policies and activities, he said.
Tarun Gogoi, former Congress Chief Minister of Assam once stated that it is essential to take into account BJP’s organisational structure if the Congress party should be strengthened, Biren quoted.
He also quoted former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee who once stated that more than 300 BJP MPs would sit in the Lok Sabha someday. Today 303 BJP MPs have been elected. Credits for this spectacular success go to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP National president Amit Shah, said the Chief Minister.
Warning that it would be very difficult for BJP to return to power in the State if the party once forfeits people’s trust, Biren advised all BJP workers and supporters to toil day and night so as to ensure people’s continuous support to the party.
Pointing out that BJP has captured one of the State’s two Lok Sabha seats within two years of coming to year even though Congress party ruled the State for 15 consecutive years, the Chief Minister asserted that one needs to understand BJP’s ideology thoroughly and work sincerely.
If one loves BJP genuinely, lip service is not enough, it should be shown   by deeds. The party needs to search those people who can show their love for the party by deeds and admit them within the party, he said.
He then called upon all BJP workers and supporters to work collectively and sincerely so that BJP wins not less than 40 seats in the 2022 State Assembly election.
“BJP’s crisis is an internal matter and there will be a solution to it. Let’s work together. Nation, State and the people are the paramount. It would not be right to let people suffer on account of me and/or us”, he asserted.
IPR Minister Th Biswajit said that BJP is a big party and the membership drive launched today would help the party evolve into the biggest and most powerful political party in the world.
He also called upon all stake holders to keep aside all internal differences and march together in a new direction towards rapid development of the State.
“I joined BJP for the party and I would continue to strive for the party’s growth and it is our duty to take Manipur on a path of rapid development”, Biswajit said.
BJP ST Morcha National  president and Rajya Sabha MP Ramvichar Netam talked about different projects taken up at the initiative of Prime Minister Narendra Modi for development of the North East region.
He also appealed to the masses to enrol in BJP so as to further strengthen the party.
BJP Manipur Pradesh president and Rajya Sabha MP K Bhabananda said that organisational election for BJP Manipur Pradesh would be held after the ongoing enrolment drive is over and there would be a new president of BJP Manipur Pradesh.