Senapati farmers seek Govt assistance due to weak monsoon

Our Correspondent
Senapati, Jul 7 : With just a scanty rainfall during this monsoon, farmers from different places of the Senapati district sought attention of the State Government.
Mention may be made that plantation at 97% of dry fields, that mainly depends on monsoon rain in Senapati district, had not taken place till the present.
The sub-tropical areas found in the hill are mostly reportedly believed that plantation after June might not bear any seed.
The spring well during this season could not open up due to lack of proper rain.
Almost all the corner villages of the district like Mao, Maram, Poumai, Thangal and Zeliang of Senapati have reported that there was no heavy rain even during the month of June as compared to the past years. Farmers of the region mainly depend on rice for livelihood. However, reports came  from every nook and corner of the district that majority of the farmers had not planted even a single rice sapling this year.
In this regard, farmers from the region seek the attention of the State Govt to extend assistance in whatever possible ways for livelihood.
 Farmers in the valley have been assisted by various Govt or non Governmental organizations with water pumps and others but, farmers in the hills could not reach their fields unless there is sufficient rainfall, reported senior farmers of the district. River water does not rise due to lack of rain in the region, they added.
Some farmers of the district stated that there was no rain since April. Rice saplings are usually planted in the month of May in cooler places and little hotter places in the month of June.Though rain may come after a day or two, season had already passed and plantation may not bear fruits in the hill, the farmers added.
Saying that lakh of denizens may die starving in the next year, farmers from Laii village of the district urged the State Government to provide every possible help for the welfare of the villagers.