Go to Delhi and bring funds: MPCC to State Govt


By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Jul 7: Instead of shouting ‘Go to Hills’, Go to Village’ etc, it’s time for the BJP-led State Government to go to Delhi with the slogan ‘Go to Delhi’ and bring money for development of the State, asserted MPCC president Gaikhangam.
Speaking at an interaction programme with booth level workers held today at the Kshetri Bengoon Awang Leikai residence of ex-MLA Md Amin Shah, Gaikhangam who is also a member of the Congress Working Committee (CWC), expressed keen desire for the State Govern- ment leaders to go to Delhi and urge the Central Government to pay extra attention to the State and sanction more development funds in view of the State’s limited resources.
The interaction programme was organised by Kshetrigao Block Congress Committee.
It cannot be denied that BJP leaders and leaders of other partners of the coalition Government went to Delhi very frequently during the past two-three weeks but their purpose for visiting Delhi had nothing to do with the State’s development, Gaikhangam remarked.
If the protracted political crisis besieging the coalition Government is a family matter, no family matter should be allowed to interfere the fucntioning of the State, he said.
The State is now passing through a chaotic situation  and the situation is akin to absence of any form of governance. Under the BJP-led Government, the State is facing both political crisis as well as financial crisis, said the MPCC president.
“As the ruling parties/MLAs are engaged in heated political mudslinging, we, the Opposition party, has nothing to do but watch the political drama.
“It is the ruling MLAs, not us (Opposition) who are demanding replacement of Chief Minister N Biren”, he remarked.   
Pointing out that all the people are suffering on account of inflation and inability to start paddy cultivation due to inadequate rainfall and the people’s misery has been further compounded by the political impasse which has been dragging on for the past many weeks, the MPCC president appealed to the ruling MLAs to reconcile and bring a solution at the earliest.
Even though some incomplete projects have been inaugurated after white-washing them, the BJP-led coalition Government is unable to even repair projects executed by the Congress Government in 15 years, he claimed.
“Point out if they have executed any project, we would be quite happy to appreciate it”, he said. 
He remarked that BJP-led NDA is an alliance which are very good at chalking out poll strategies but they have little knowledge of governance.
In the run up to the 2014 Lok Sabha election, Narendra Modi promised ‘less Government, more governance’ to the people of the country but what he delivered after the election was the exact opposite of his promise.
Likewise, other assurances and promises he made to the public turned out to be empty promises. On the contrary, the Central Government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi started meddling with key democratic institutions of the country, asserted the CWC Member.
BJP took recourse to all kinds of malpractices in this year’s Lok Sabha election with a firm determination to ensure BJP’s victory by hook or crook. They exerted undue pressure and manipulated the functioning of several democratic institutions including the ECI, he continued.
Even though BJP secured a thumping victory in the Lok Sabha election, Narendra Modi did not look very happy because the country’s economic growth rate was declining.
Even though the NDA claimed that the country’s GDP was growing at 7 per cent, the Prime Minister’s Economic Advisor pointed  that it was just 4.5 per cent and a debate is now going on that the GDP has further declined to 2.5 per cent, Gaikhangam said.
During the last 130 years, Congress went through ups and downs in fortune but BJP’s recent claim that Congress has been wiped out of the country would certainly turn out to be big blunder, he said.
He said that the interaction programme  is a part of AICC’s revamped policy to connect with people at the grass roots level. He continued that similar booth level interaction programmes would be held across the 60 Assembly segments of the State, and there is no reason for Congress workers to feel disillusioned. MPCC vice-president M Oken, ex-MLAs T Mangibabu, Md Amin Shah, MPCC officer bearers and Kshetrigao BB president too attended and spoke at the gathering.