Loktak Lift Irrigation Pump House No 3 inspected

Our Correspondent
BISHNUPUR, Jul 9: Bishnupur BJP Election Campaign Committee inspected Loktak Lift Irrigation (LLI) Pump House No 3 today.
During the inspection chairman of the committee N Sanajaoba Singh said that the construction of the LLI scheme was started in 1972-73 and commissioned in 1978-79. It however, stopped functioning after a while, he said.
The Pump House No 3, after installation  has never functioned once. It has 2 cusecs 30 capacity pumps, which can lift water to a height of 50 feet, and a stand-by pump, he said.
During the inspection, the team found the southern wall of the pump house damaged and the canal that leads to the house filled with debris and earth.
Due to non-functioning of the pump house, farmers have been facing water scarcity for almost 40 years. The LLI Project has three pump houses, said the chairman of the committee.
He also lauded the BJP led Government for 'reviving' the Pump House No 1. "The Pump House No 1 is providing water upto Khoijuman area in north and Phubala Sunusiphai in south," he said.
With the help of the Government, the committee has started drainage/canal cleaning works and is providing water to some areas, he said expressing the need for complete revival of the LLI Project.
He appealed the Government to provide suitable transformer for the Pump House No 1 to ensure undisturbed supply of water to farmers.
Bishnupur BJP Election Campaign Committee vice president Th Yaima Singh, Mahila Morcha president L Premila Devi, OBC Morcha president Th Openchandra Singh, secy S Jiban Singh, media secy T Bikram Singh, advisor M Ibohal Singh and other members BJP took part in  the inspection.