MOBC scholarship and the Govt school students

Dear Sir,
I would be immensely pleased if I am given a little space in your esteemed daily to share a very simple but a strikingly heart piercing and attention drawing phenomenon of giving large amount of MOBC scholarship to the private school students and little or no such scholarship to the govt school students on the pretext of being free students.
Time has come by again this year for MOBC scholarship application, but govt school students could not/dare not to apply for the same because they don't have admission fee receipt, monthly tuition fee receipt etc. from which the amount of scholarship are fixed and paid. This is also one of the contributing factors of most parents and students leaving govt schools which could result in the gradual  dwindling of many govt schools. So, it desperately needs the govt  to overlook the matter with utmost concern.
Amidst such situation of learning environment, I would like to suggest that the govt apart from paying little or no attention to the govt schools and students, the MOBC Scholarship sanction department should grant the same amount of scholarship to both students of private and govt schools without considering the fees paid by private students or fees unpaid by govt students. Irrespective of schools, it will be good the MOBC fixes specific rate of scholarship to all the  students applying according to class. If step is taken by the govt in such a noble way, I certainly believe, there is no question of students leaving the govt schools.
Sincerely yours
Mangkholal Chongloi
Taphou, KPI district