That Jungle of a Garden

-K Radhakumar
In my dream
I was climbing trees
Jumping from one branch to another
Breaking twigs without rhyme or reason
Copulating with female monkeys;
I cried
Wagging my long tail.
I shut my eyes
And thought if I could belong to a humane society.

The air was filled
With the scent of early morning
And I became aware
I was dreaming.
When I opened my eyes
The morning was wide awake.
What a morning!
The sun was smiling
Birds were singing
And flowers were dancing.
I liked
The serenity and colour of the morning.

It was the morning newspaper
That made all the difference.
Why the increase in the number of rapes?
Maybe rapes were not reported in the past.
The editorial turned its attention
To the reported rapes vis-à-vis Women’s Liberation.
Sex education a top priority!
Teenagers and drug addicts
Adolescent crime and correctional centres
Car bombing and ethnic cleansing
The militancy and the morons
A threat to the whole of civilization?
The mindless massacre
A crime against humanity.
Oh, my day was already spoilt.
How I disliked to be a human being!
How I liked to be a monkey
And live in the woods!