Life from my window

Any failure is an extra work to get up again, but people keep avoiding the lesson learned instead they carry on with memories of the pain like its melancholy. I have been lost into my own perspective about life for what I see is always the other side of what I don’t. Justice is not the truth but something that can be prove and all those truths that cannot be proved dies without being able to hold in the orbit of justice. Without driving around further, let me take you one my perspective ride on how I see life.
The best feeling in life is the one that vibrates after you nearly fall off a cliff, when you got nearly hit by car or when you nearly get drown. This is the only moment in your life where the sense of involuntary pumping of blood by your heart comes under your consciousness, most of the time you live forgetting you are just a trailer working hard to leave a mega blockbuster movie to be passed on.
Yesterday is not just how ‘you were’ but how ‘you are today’ too, coz your little struggles yesterday made a huge impact today. The simplest way to lose weight is to stop finding the best angle where it blankets all your fats while taking selfie, then print out the one taken which shows honesty in your body weight to just look every-time your greed beats your need. Funny yet, looking at some models and working out sometimes does not take your fats away yet wraps you into depression. Looking at your goals and motivating yourself is amazing but if you can motivate yourself by looking at your ugly past by saying, “I CAN BE WAY BETTER,” it’s something hard to act yet last forever. One of the simplest ways to keep yourself on track is to take a video for yourself saying everything about yourself and what you feel, then watch the video the following day when you wake up just to measure the growth in your feelings. 90% of us hates to see ourselves, hates to hear our own voices yet those 10% are the ones who will fall in love with themselves and make you fall for them too by giving you some money every first day of the month. If you can try this to love yourself, you will see what you are weak at and most importantly you will know how far you can go if you overcome that weakness. Most people throw there less graded answer sheet with disappointment without even checking where goes the downfall, yet few tries to know where it goes down and tries to get them right instead of asking for extra mark. This tiny character that you have is not just mini yet something worth more than million dollars, because that hunger to learn more will take you up not the hunger to graduate for graduation selfies.
People take breaks from their work for they wanna do when they want, people who loves to swim goes for swimming classes in holidays. But let me tell you something, if you are crazy in singing and too are a singer, what kind of break do you want and for doing what? To dance? To what? It’s meaningless. And that have happened with you, but weak enough to get destroyed by your surroundings. Whenever you are studying, and somehow you start to enjoy studying, from nowhere your friend will pop up to say just this, “dude you are studying too much, take some break, by the way, why are you studying so hard? Are you trying to top?” Then you will be like, “yeah! I think I studied a lot, I should hang out sometime,” that’s where the point is, why don’t you do what make you enjoy? Just because studying makes you less cool amongst others, but it will certainly make your brain cool. If you are interested in studying, stop making yourself a fool by forcing yourself to quit just because you don’t want to be left out. That little regret you have when you stop studying is a tiny sign telling you that you are starting to fall in love with the book of your interest, instead of killing that regression feeling by substituting it, please pay a little attention to it, you will see how life changes. It’s does not mean only about books yet all the other talents which are always murdered because you are not guarding well.
One of the tiniest attitudes you can change is that of the moment you wake up where you firstly look at the clock just to see how many more minutes you can sleep not how many minutes early can you get if you wake up right that moment. People think their life is busy, yes but they made themselves busy because they never realize that life is 90% work and the work they should do is what they want to do yet their timid hearts went after the monthly salary making them do what they love to do only on vacations.
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